Giving Up on a Perfect Halloween: 7 Bible Halloween Costumes

We’re not doing Halloween this year. Lydia is just too fearful. And I’m just too tired to deal with screams over cotton spiderwebs. I’ve been thinking about it a lot and if you’re interested, there are some SUPER FAB posts by some SUPER FAB guest bloggers (and one by moi) about Halloween over at Impress […]

Use Kid’s Valentines As Greeting Cards!

I have always loved valentines. When I was little they had perforated edges and tissue paper thin envelopes. Now they come with shiny stickers and holographic words, but still they are delectable. Tiny little cards with yummy illustrations. The day after Valentine’s Day I always hit up Walgreen’s or whoever has everything for 75% off. […]

Thanks & Giving

When we were Children’s Pastors in Birmingham, I wrote a two week lesson about Thanksgiving. It was entitled, “Thanks and Giving”. I have no idea what it entailed. But the title always stuck with me. (Did I make that title up? Or did I steal it? I hope I made it up. It’s catchy.) I […]

The Price of Freedom

It’s so random how I can remember exactly what I posted a year ago on my blog. I woke up this morning thinking about what I posted last 4th of July and was thinking, “Too bad! I’d like to post that again!” Well, since Independence Day comes along every year, I figured this post could, […]

I Think I’m Nesting.

It’s Memorial Day. My hubby has been home for THREE WHOLE DAYS. I love Monday-holidays! So far, we’ve mowed the lawn (well, dh did), turned Lydia’s playroom into a bedroom (sans bed, we’re on the way to Toys R US now), cleaned out AND organized the buffet, the extra random closet in the living room, […]

Springy Eastery Type Party!

Easter is four days away! Four days and we are still wearing coats outside! What happened to spring sandals and sleeveless Easter dresses? I guess Lydia and I will be stylin’ on Sunday with tights and hats! I have a thing about Easter. It started a long time ago—when I first heard that the word […]

Hanging Your Wordless Wednesday Out To Dry

My great-grandmother, Hazel and Ricky. Early 1943. Minneapolis. Isn’t this a great picture? I know I say this every time but this one is cool! Look at Ricky’s truck, all the laundry and great-grandma’s shoes. This is one of those that shows some reality. As usual, it makes me wonder about their real life. (For […]