God Stuff

When Daddy had emergency surgery on a cancerous tumor in his colon, the doctors told us in the post-op meeting that there was nothing they could do. The cancer had ravaged his body and that was it. One day I might write the whole day out in detail, but it’s still too fresh. However, I […]

How Good is God?!

Yesterday boomama started Heather‘s day of love. At 9am we had raised $2,000! It continued to go up all day. This morning at 9am we had $10,000! Is that the most amazing thing?! It makes me think about how God is in the details. Heather doesn’t know me from Adam. This is just my impression […]

Especially Heather

One of my blogging friends (well, she doesn’t know me, but I read her blog) found out today that she has a cancerous brain tumor. Heather is the mom of 3 young kids, one of whom has been through her own share of medical problems. When my dad had cancer, we prayed Psalm 91 over […]