The Healing Choice *Giveaway*

A few months ago my husband picked up the audio book Every Man’s Battle by Fred Stoeker. It’s a book that deals with sexual purity for men–not just the physical act of sex, or wandering eyes or porn; but a pure mind and heart. Mr. Stoeker believes the world has brainwashed us into thinking men […]

I’m Ticked At the Devil

OK, I don’t know if it is the devil, or just the stinkin’ dumb world we live in, but these babies that are sick, dying and having physical problems is too much for me! I know so many of you are praying for Heather at Mom4Life and her son Sawyer. I know you pray for […]

Pray for My Psuedo Mom

When we moved to Birmingham a few years ago, we miraculously found the parents of some of our great friends. And miraculously, they let us live with them for several months until we bought a house. This couple, Wayne & Donna are without a doubt some of the best and most special people in our […]


Please pray for Ashley and her family. Right now.

Kid Gloves

Jenny, Annie and I started a good discussion over at Jenny’s. Jump in!

Kiss your kids…

Then would you please pray for Trish & Dave’s daughter, Ashley? She’s an almost 2 year old going through chemo. They’re having a rough time right now and could use some encouragement. But what Ashley really needs is a miracle. There’s a great story in Matthew 8 about a Roman centurion who comes to Jesus […]

The Sisterchicks Run a Race

Dear Grandmama Ann, Last Christmas my sisterchicks had our big Christmas party. Somehow we started talking about how we had all been affected by breast cancer. Staci & Mandi lost their Aunt Sandy. Becky’s Aunt Stef fought and won her battle. Kristen’s mom, Glenda is a 6 year survivor. Mandy’s grandmother Mary died from breast […]