This Little Light O’ Mine

The following is a guest post from my new bloggy friend, Courtney at Lil Light O’ Mine. Enjoy! What is your #1 goal as a parent? To love your child unconditionally? To shelter them and protect them? To teach them everything in the Bible? To keep them out of jail? To raise them up to […]

The Circus is Coming To Town

See that byline? It’s ME! I’ve got a fun CIRCUS-y guest post up at Tip Junkie today! It’s the first in a series, so go show it some love!

Discover Your Strengths

The following is a guest post from one of my best bloggy friends and sisterchick, Christine from… Have you ever thought about what your strengths are? What you’re good at doing? What seems effortless for you? What gives you the most energy? Sometimes we can just go through life doing the same things over […]