Camp Primo: Top Ten {Tuesday}

And now, the moment you’ve all been waiting for: an update from Camp Primo! This is the three-day cousin camp my parents put on for their grandkids. It’s not just any camp. Let’s take a little stroll through their pictures and see just what they did. Here are the Top Ten Photos and Events from […]

Camp Primo 2010.

It’s that time of year—Camp Primo! And just what is Camp Primo? That would be “cousin camp” for all you uninitated. Every year my parents do a big two night camping experience for the grandkids. Yes, even when there were only 2 grandkids to choose from! (you do see their camp t-shirts don’t you?) It […]

Why Being a Grandparent is Apparently Better Than Being a Parent Part 2

Reason #1 You never have to feel bad about letting your kids watch too much TV. In fact, if you take your granddaughters on a two day camping trip, feel free to bring your computer loaded up with cartoons and let them watch it in the tent. At 10pm. Reason #2 You never have to […]

Mission Accomplished

Remember the Christmas Tree Lighting Party/Secret Mission Lydia went on? Well, we finally found out the whole story… Is that the cutest thing?! Mama and Daddy bought the girls dresses, tight and shoes. They “kidnapped” them from us, took them out to eat and then to get their pictures taken. We got a beautiful 8×10 […]

Why Being A Grandparent is Apparently Better than Being a Parent

Grandmama & Papa (aka, my parents) took Lydia and my niece Nora on a little trip to (don’t laugh) Dollywood. My mom had free tickets, ok? And after looking at her 186 photos, I have decided that being a grandparent is better than being a parent. Reason #1. You can drive all day long with […]