God Knows You’re Inadequate & He LIKES it!

I have a new hero. Her name is Corrie ten Boom. You’ve most likely heard of her–she and her family hid Jews in their home in Holland before being arrested at age 50 by the Nazis. She spent the next two years in a concentration camp and was miraculously released after the death of her father […]

I Didn’t Know I Had The Winter Blues Till The Sun Came Out

Image via Wikipedia Saturday was a balmy 72 degrees. Balmy, I tell you! After a full day of packing, we let Lydia strap on her helmet and rider her skuut bike in the driveway. It was so incredibly fun. After that we played with sidewalk chalk and ran around in the yard. And I felt […]

New Year’s Resolutions…Finally.

So, it’s day six of the new year and today is the first day I’ve even thought about New Year’s Resolutions. I guess with Lydia’s birthday so soon after Christmas and the New Year, I feel like it’s just a continuation of the holidays. Fun for her, tiring for me. I’ve never been one to […]

Me Vs. God

I had always hoped Asa and Lydia would take naps at the same time. That way I’d have my 2 little hours of alone time. Well, it doesn’t work out that way. I usually lay Lydia down, pick Asa up; then when I lay him down, I get Lydia up. My blogging time has completely […]

Why I Couldn’t Post Today…

  I couldn’t put this book down. It’s the story of Somaly Mam, a Cambodian woman sold into prostitution as a young teenager. It’s a gritty, honest telling of her life. I want to describe her story too you but it’s just too much. Here is what Somaly says in the introduction, In 1986, when […]

Wild Goose Chase

I don’t post a lot about church ministry–even though that’s what my “career” has always been. I graduated from college so I could go into full-time vocational ministry. I think my life is just in a different season (namely, “mommy” season) so I’m not into ministry stuff or the church-world as I once was. Recently, […]

Politics Are Lame

Apparently no one else thinks about Jack Bauer during presidential events, but I do. And I guess that’s really the extent of my political-lovin’. I can’t watch politics or read about politics because I GET IRATE. They make me irritated. Not even so much about stuff I agree or disagree with. It’s just the constant […]