Best BFF Gifts: Top Ten {Tuesday}

I’m a gift-giver. It’s one of my love languages. Not necessarily FOR me, but the way I speak. These past few weeks I’ve had several friends who I felt NEEDED some gifts. A friend experiencing the one year mark of her mother’s death, another friend starting school and one headed into surgery. I’ve got gifts […]

Tornadoes & Diapers

**giveaway closed but keep reading!** Buckle your seat belts! This post is going to be a bumpy ride! I have like 5 awesome things to tell you about… When Mary was at my house for the Orange Conference, we stayed up waaay too late watching the weather to see if a tornado was going to […]

Stocking Stuffer Ideas {*giveaway*}

Has anyone noticed how amazingly giveawayish my blog has been this week? We’re talking giveaways galore! And just in time for Christmas! It’s all thanks to Nestle’s really cool Holiday Celebrations website! Well, are you ready for ONE MORE? Keep reading… cute felt diy stocking from Nestle One of my very favoritest (is that a […]

Creative and Simple Gift Ideas

This is a guest post from my bff and sisterchick, Staci from Simply Staci. Be prepared to be jealous of her creativity… One of my most favorite things to do is give gifts.  Beyond the obligatory birthday and Christmas gifts, I really love those out of the blue gifts. What I’ve come to realize is […]

Gift Ideas: Top Ten {Tuesday}

I’ve always loved giving gifts. The summer is a gift-giving holiday every other week–Father’s Day, Mother’s Day, birthdays and in just FIVE days my 12th wedding anniversary! Can you believe I’ve been married for 12 years? I must have been 10 when I got married. Anyway, today I was thinking about a gift for my […]

I Wanted To…

I wanted to write a post on Wednesday to link to the Joyful Impressions carnival at Impress Your Kids. I wanted to show you how Lydia and I made giant crayons for all her friends. I wanted to make them in ABC molds so each child would have personalized crayons. I wanted to talk to […]

If You Are My Family DO NOT READ THIS.

It’s less than a week till Christmas. LESS THAN A WEEK. That means next Friday, we will be DONE with Christmas. I know, I’m the master of the obvious, but I just can’t believe it! And I’m still hopelessly stumped on what to get a few key people in my family. Like my dad. My […]