Getting Back to Normal

Oh my. Thank you, friends! Thank you for the unbelievable response to A Sense of the Resurrection! It’s been a crazy two days as I’ve had some insane problems with the plugin that delivers my ebooks but I’m happy. Happy that y’all are liking the book and excited to see how God uses it this […]

Happy New SCHOOL Year Resolutions: Making Dinner as a Family (*giveaway*)

This is one of those posts I committed to writing before I decided to go on a blogging hiatus. Thought you might like to win a prize or two while I’m gone! I think I have established that I am not a chef. I totally love food. Obviously. But meal planning is not my forte. […]

Cheeseball, Cookies & Recipes! (*giveaway*)

This morning I ate the Cheeseball from Heaven {you want to make this, I promise} for breakfast. Yes, I did. For an afternoon snack I’m going to have Hello Dolly bars. And that, my friends is my favorite way to enjoy holiday foods. Yeah, I like them at a party or at Christmas dinner. But […]

More On My Hypocrisy

Mandi and me posing with chicken nuggets. This week I ground my own flour for organic apple muffins, let my kids eat Bugles, drove to a farmer’s market just so I could get their blue and green free range eggs, ate 2 cookies and a piece of cake in one night, refused to give my […]

My First Vegetable Share

Step # 4 of our big healthy-living-journey is local veggies. The farmer I buy milk and eggs from also does a vegetable share. The new season started this week. And here’s my first haul. And yall? I don’t even know what most of it is! Anybody know? Now, if only I can figure out how […]

Best Disney World Restaurants: Top Ten {Tuesday}

My vacations always center around food. Oh, I love a good adventure, or a nice relaxing afternoon at the pool. But really? I’m wondering where in the world I’m going to eat my next meal. So, when Disney had their Dining Plan for FREE (when you bought tickets & booked a hotel), we HAD to […]

Easy Chicken Philly

The following is a delicious guest post from my friend and cooking-hero, Tricia from Once A Month Mom! Since Oh Amanda is gallivanting to places I have only dreamed of going, I agreed to give her a guest post. You may have heard Amanda mention me a time or two. Yes, I am the one […]