T-ball: Top Ten {Tuesday}

Yesterday was just how I planned! Plus, I even read 100 pages from a book and learned the coolest bloggy thing ever (I’ll tell you about it next week!). So, all in all it was a fabulous day. But the highlight of our 4th of July? T-ball! Take a gander at this cuteness… 1. He […]

A Tribute to All Nations But Especially America

After church yesterday we took our annual drive-the-square-peg-kids-to-camp-rocks adventure. My kids were so ridiculously excited about it you would have thought THEY were going to camp. We left home at 2:15 and got home at 10:15pm. We could have driven to Disney World in that time. Lydia and Asa were absolutely fantastic with literally zero […]

Helping Someone With the Loss of their Home: Top Ten {Tuesday}

I promised this post LAST Wednesday. Too much stuff has happened. Let’s see if I can backtrack… Remember last week when I was at Performing Arts Camp and VBS? The geocaching? Well, that Tuesday night I was going to bring my niece home from VBS and let her spend the night with us. Then I […]


Lydia looking through the window and signing “I love you” to her brother on the porch. And her brother singing it back.

My Kids Are Funny: Top Ten {Tuesday}

The older Asa gets, the funnier he gets. The older Lydia gets, the more grown up-funny she gets. I regularly have to bite my tongue so as to not laugh at their adorableness. Here’s a few things from yesterday that made me laugh out loud (out of their earshot, of course)… THE TOP TEN THINGS […]

Daddy in Five Minutes

It’s not so much how Daddy looks–although he looks different since he’s been through chemo and hepatitis C treatments. It’s more of how Daddy feels and how he makes others around him feel. We weren’t even up their front stairs and Daddy already had the door open. Asa and Lydia walk through the threshold eagerly […]

I Love To Laugh

I love it when you laugh so hard you cry. I love when you laugh so hard you can’t talk. I love when you share that kind of laugh with someone. Have you noticed it binds you together? It’s a shared experience like no other. When we were at Disney World we did some laughing. […]