Treasure Hunter Week

Last year, when my daughter went to camp, Asa and I had our own Dragon Week. This year, Asa’s last year before he can go to camp (*sniff*), we had Treasure Hunter week! There are lots of treasure symbols and word pictures in the Bible. I didn’t necessarily want it to be about how Asa is a […]

Diligent with Diligence

This morning, I was planning on getting up about 6:15 and about 2 minutes before then I heard Asa yelling for me upstairs. He usually calls my husband in the morning, so this was unusual (and early!). I ran upstairs and he said, “I threw up!” Sure enough, his bed and pajamas were covered in […]

Fun Family Traditions

Today we ate lunch on the floor. When I said, “Why don’t we eat on the rug today?”, the kids were squealing with delight. I didn’t offer this because I was trying to be a super fun mom. I did it because the kitchen table was littered with craft supplies. I just didn’t want to […]

Make Your Own Newspaper Planter {& some mini Vacation Pics}

This weekend my cousin graduated from Lee University in Cleveland, TN. We decided to make a mini vacation out of it and stopped in Chattanooga to hit up Ruby Falls and Rock City. Have you been there? Well, let me put on my tour-guide-Barbie hat and lead you around… Rock City is a giant…I don’t […]

How to Pray As a Family

Our church is very intentional about empowering parents to raise their kids for the Lord. I’ve told you about Asa’s baby dedication and monthly themes like Taming the Inner Monster. Each month, they also host KidStuf a big dramatic-interactive-church-service. The best part is the kids and parents are sitting together. Listening together. Worshiping together. Praying […]

Psalm 119:9 {Magnificent Purity}

This morning (like before breakfast!) I put a bowl in front of the kids. I told them it was them–their heart and their mind. We began to talk about what “purity” is–about being clean of body and mind–without any yucky stuff inside. Then we thought up impure thoughts and actions–saying mean things, listening to someone […]

Monster Mash

First of all, THANK YOU for the amazing response on Truth in the Tinsel! I am absolutely overwhelmed! I literally had butterflies in my stomach all day yesterday because of your comments, shares and facebook likes. There are almost 500 likes on the Truth in the Tinsel page! Unbelievable. I saw the almost-finished-final-copy of the […]