How To Talk To Your Kids About the Hard Parts of the Easter Story

Would you ever let your kids have a picture book that showed beatings? torture? dead bodies? Of course not! Then, why would we ever talk to our kids, show our kids and celebrate a season like Easter that is about the same thing? This is hard. Why not skip the hard parts and just focus […]

Sense of the Resurrection Schedule Suggestions

Advent calendars are easy. 24 days till Christmas. Open one door–do one activity–eat one piece of chocolate per day. Easy peasy. Lent is a little harder. 40 days? That’s a looong time to do something every single day (unless that thing is eating chocolate, I could probably do that). 40 days is over a month! It’s […]

40 Ways To Celebrate Jesus This Easter

I’m passionate (PASSIONATE!) about using Christmas and Easter to lead our kids to Jesus. I think these bright-and-shiny, larger-than-life holidays are the perfect platforms to make Jesus the center of  life and conversation. I’ve written extensively about both of these holidays and written some ebook devotionals to match (see Truth in the Tinsel and Sense of the […]

Sense of the Resurrection Playlist

I once told Kat that I wasn’t inspired by music. She was shocked as music runs through her veins. But I guess my statement wasn’t quite true. Music does inspire me. (It just doesn’t make me get up in the morning–which is what I was talking about!) Music is one of the easiest ways to […]

unEaster Basket Super Giveaway

We do Easter baskets a little differently around here. It all starts with my kids gathering rocks. And then there’s a Snow White cape and a Jesus basket and…well, it’s kinda cool. You should really go read my really detailed-with-lots-of-pictures post from last year (or the year before last!) The point is, I want to make […]

How To Use Your Sense of the Resurrection Flags

Easter is almost here! I wish Easter was like Christmas where you always knew what day it was. Instead it’s some nebulous, 3rd week of so-and-so or something. Anyway, in case you didn’t know Easter Sunday (or Resurrection Day, as I like to call it) is April 5, 2015. My kids ask to do Sense of […]

My Lent Story

I have a new addiction. It’s the  Relevant Podcast . I don’t even know how it happened. It’s not like I’ve never heard of Relevant. I’m pretty sure I subscribed to the print magazine back in the day. I just honestly thought they were one of those groups of Christians who are Christians but hate Christians […]