Memories & Memorials

I was looking back through my photo stream to find a good Easter-y, Spring-ish picture for this post and was kinda overjoyed to see all the fun we have add celebrating Easter with Sense of the Resurrection! We didn’t do it as orderly as I had hoped (that angel flag never got colored) and not […]

Mini Schedules for Sense of the Resurrection

It’s about 10 or 11 days till Easter. (I hate countdowns because I never know which days to count–do you count today? the day of the big event? It’s confusing.) There are 12 activities in A Sense of the Resurrection. So, even with my subpar math skills, I can see there isn’t much time for […]

Easy Scripture Ideas for Meaningful Easter Baskets

We’ve only got 2 weeks till Easter! TWO! Have you started Sense of the Resurrection? I hope you’re following the hashtag #senseoftheresurrection online. I love seeing these sweet little faces celebrate Jesus. It will warm your heart! Well, if you’ve been around here long you know we do our Easter Baskets a little differently. People […]

The Promise of New Life

The last few days have been aaaallllmost spring-like. It’s 63 today and even though the prediction is a week of rain, I’ll take it over the frigid temperatures from last week. So, even though the ground is brown and the grass dead, new life seems just around the corner. And that’s why I love this […]

What is Easter? {a kids’ book}

Two new books have arrived on our doorstep. Two new Easter books! I’m always on the lookout for new books that discuss the death and resurrection of Jesus because I feel like there just aren’t enough (or enough good ones) out there. When Lydia was 1 year old, I went to the Christian bookstore to […]

How To Talk To Your Kids About the Hard Parts of the Easter Story

Would you ever let your kids have a picture book that showed beatings? torture? dead bodies? Of course not! Then, why would we ever talk to our kids, show our kids and celebrate a season like Easter that is about the same thing? This is hard. Why not skip the hard parts and just focus […]

Sense of the Resurrection Schedule Suggestions

Advent calendars are easy. 24 days till Christmas. Open one door–do one activity–eat one piece of chocolate per day. Easy peasy. Lent is a little harder. 40 days? That’s a looong time to do something every single day (unless that thing is eating chocolate, I could probably do that). 40 days is over a month! It’s […]