Duct Tape & Tshirts

So. My little girl went to camp. And guess what? SHE LOVED IT. She had the absolute time of her life. It was THE camp experience I wanted her to have. The camp experience we prayed for! She told me she wasn’t nervous the entire week! Her counselor said all the girls in the cabin […]

Why I’m Not a Craft Blogger

You know, when I first started blogging my craft-y adventures with my kids, I thought my blog might turn into a craft blog. That I might be able to hang with Make and Takes or Inner Child Fun. Alas, I have discovered that really, I’m just a crafty wannabe. I love all the Pinterest-worthy, etsy-licious […]

A Chain Around Your Neck (Whoo’s Wise)

Ready for the long-awaited 3rd installment of Whoo’s Wise?! As I was choosing verses to use in Proverbs (there are about 1,000 I would love to do!), these three stuck out at me because they are all so similar: Listen, my son, to your father’s instruction and do not forsake your mother’s teaching. They are a garland to grace […]

Proverbs 1:7 Owl Memory Craft

I have a thing for construction paper. I don’t know why I like it so much–it’s just so easy to use and you can make anything out of it. I guess I just like to cut. (Have you seen my yum yummy birthday cake puzzle or my alphabet letters?) To help us memorize Proverbs 1:7 […]

The Circle Maker for Kids {& a crafty craft!}

You know I like to read a book with my kids and then do a craft to help them reinforce the lesson of the story. Well, I got the new The Circle Maker for Kids by Mark Batterson this week and it totally inspired me to make a craft–only this time the craft was for […]

Super Fast Way To Learn the Seven Days of Creation

It’s our first real day of homeschool. We’ve already had a few tears, I let Asa use a knife and (thanks to Brain Breaks) done a few cartwheels to get our focus back. I’m using God’s Little Explorers as a base for Asa’s schooling. I thought I was going to break out some “real” curriculum […]

DIY Beanbags For People Who Don’t Sew & Aren’t Too Crafty

Ever since I made that David and Goliath beanbag for Asa, he wants to make beanbags. He clearly has me confused with someone who knows how to sew or make adorable fabric crafts. But because we’re back into Mommy-and-Asa days, he keeps bringing up beanbags. After we drop Lydia off at school, I’ll ask, “What […]