Good News & Bad News

First, the bad news. Pushing Daisies has been canceled. *sniff* *sob* What will The Disney Blog do without me? I do without The Pie Man?! And now the good news: I hate my printer. How is this good news? Well, while I was tweeting with Jo-Lynne today, I found two sites giving away an Epson […]

Impress Your Kids With BOOKS!

*keep reading, this is a giveaway!* I told you about my new blog, Impress Your Kids. (It’s going swimmingly, thanks for asking. I got 30 whole hits yesterday!) The whole idea is that by using small everyday things you’d normally do, you can impress God’s Word on your kids. With a preschooler you can use […]

Super Saturday Stuff

Sounds like a sale at the mall, huh? Anyway, I’m on my way to a meeting at church. Lydia is going to wear her new Eve shirt. She’s very excited. It doesn’t take much. (Wonder who she gets that from?) Then we’re going to a Cowboy birthday party. I bought Lydia a red cowboy hat […]

Music Kids Actually Like!

When I lived in Orlando, I saw a billboard for Radio Disney. It said, “Music Kids Love. Not Kids’ Music.” And that said it all. Up until recently, kids’ music has been…lame. It’s usually kinda preschool-y or low-budget, or just weird remakes of kinda popular songs. Or all of the above. Finally Disney has introduced […]

“Wordless” Photo Booth Tag *updated with PRIZE*

I’m in a different mood for Wordless Wednesday today. I needed a little fun this morning. I was going to show you a picture of my great-great-uncle in a potato field. A potato field. Even I’m not interested in that. But, when I saw this, it made me feel happy! Amanda 5, Jason 2 1/2. […]

Healing Promises: A Giveaway!

Multnomah Books asked me to review a book by Amy Wallace called Healing Promies. Well, I couldn’t pass it up because you know how I feel about healing and God’s promises! I have to confess I didn’t finish reading it yet and I’m still undecided as to where the healing theology is going. It will […]

And the winner is…

Jessie @Vanderbilt Wife! Which is so perfect because she’s having a precious baby at the same time as me! I think we’re just a few weeks apart. Go wish her congratulations on the baby and the photo cards. Thanks again to KT & Toni at Snips of Sugar! Don’t forget about them when you need […]