Lands End & Me: Top Ten {Tuesday}

When I got home from Disney World, there was a lovely box from Lands End on my front porch. In it was a lovely winter vest. I’ve always wanted a vest for those almost-winter days. And I am officially in love with this one. I have essentially not taken it off since we’ve been home. […]

Something New: What I Wore Wednesday

Before Blissdom I bought some clothes. Like actual cute clothes. Like clothes from a store where they don’t sell milk. It all started because I found Charmed Valerie’s daily outfits and The Pleated Poppy‘s What I Wore Wednesday. They are just the cutest most adorable things–and their outfits seemed well..normal. And I am a comfy […]

The Cutest Mom Swimsuit You Ever Saw

On my last Disney Cruise one of the best (worst?) games we played was Are-They-Really-Wearing-That-Bathing-Suit?! I mean, I get that you want to be cute. Trendy. Stylish. Carefree. Youthful. But honestly. Respect your body. Wear a bathing suit that makes it happy. And others happy. I remember this woman walking by who was probably 55 […]

What I’d Wear Wednesday

This soft velour outfit from Gymboree! OK, maybe I wouldn’t wear it, but in a few months Asa will be wearing it because my sweet and wonderful bloggy friend, Damselfly just sent it to him! Don’t you love it? Thank you, Damselfly! I can’t wait to snuggle him in this little outfit! (And did you […]

Good Morning, East Coast!

Well, it’s 2:20 here which means it’s only 11:20 in California. If I was still there I’d be just deciding where we were going for lunch. And it would probably be Mexican. We hit up every hole in the wall Mexican joint in town. Delicioso. I still haven’t uploaded all my pictures or even finished […]

Get Your Fash-ON!

Fashion. Well, I just don’t get it. I mean, yeah, I watch Project Runway. But I just don’t get it. I don’t understand ruffles and feathers and layers and layers of fabric. I say all that to say… Big Mama is having a little Fashion Fiesta. So we can all look into each other’s closets. […]

You Totally Need This

Back in the day Christian Tshirts were in. You know, “IN”. And I had them all! Let’s see, a few of my faves… “Heaven? Yes. Hell? No.” (I even wore that one to school!) “Forget the Whales! Save the People!” “All Good People Go To Heaven. NOT!” (How cool was I?) Well, thanks to some […]