Everlasting Light

(I got so excited about this post, I felt like I was shouting it with my fingers. So, I recorded myself reading it for you. Click play below to hear! And no, there’s no shouting.) When I was in Middle and High School it seems like our Youth Pastor talked about being a light a […]

Advent is Parenting

The best part about Advent is that you take time every day for a whole month to focus on the birth of Jesus. The hardest part about Advent is that you take time every single day for a whole month! If you’re doing Truth in the Tinsel for your Advent celebration (and I hope you are!) […]

Sure Fire, No Prep, No Cost, Easy Peasy Meaningful Christmas Ideas

Today I went to the Moms In Prayer group at the kids’ school. It’s such a great program and so organized. Each week we focus on one character quality of God and spend time praising Him for it. Then we spend a few minutes in thanksgiving. This week’s character quality was King of Glory. (HELLO! […]

We Said No To Ho Ho Ho

This is a guest post by my hero and mentor, Jim Wideman. (Jim also wrote the forward for Truth in the Tinsel!) Back in November of 1978, Julie and I began our lives together. It was a wonderful day; all the kids in our children’s church were so excited about attending our wedding. I’ll never forget […]

Packing the Best Box(es) Ever

I was scrolling through Facebook the other day and saw a picture of my friend Amy. Amy is the former Team Distribution Manager for Operation Christmas Child. She led my trip to the Dominican Republic along with about 8-9 other trips every year. She’s the woman who goes into these communities, schools and churches and […]

Operation Christmas Child CRAFTING Party

Yesterday I invited all the older elementary and middle school kids that help me in the church’s preschool department over to our house. We had taco soup, the cheeseball from heaven, the magically delicious corn dip and some chocolate chips cookies! We weren’t really there for the food. We were really there to get our CRAFT ON! […]

The Month of Worship

The first week of Truth in the Tinsel is a busy one. Everyone is figuring out how to fit in a half hour to do crafts with their kids. Christmas parties and gifts have already started along with decorations and every other Christmas-y thing that “must” be done. So, not only am I experiencing all […]

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