Giving Up on a Perfect Halloween: 7 Bible Halloween Costumes

We’re not doing Halloween this year. Lydia is just too fearful. And I’m just too tired to deal with screams over cotton spiderwebs. I’ve been thinking about it a lot and if you’re interested, there are some SUPER FAB posts by some SUPER FAB guest bloggers (and one by moi) about Halloween over at Impress […]

Family Recipe: Chicken Divan. It’s DIVINE.

{If you’re here from Once A Month Mom, Welcome! If you like what you see I’d love for you to subscribe or click around for some of my other recipes!} My favoritest favorite most fave recipe of all times is Chicken Divan. Yeah, I know there are all kinds of Chicken Divan recipes. But the […]


Did I tell you about the Impress Your Kids carnival?! I’m so excited about it! Look what Lydia and I did. And if you’re feeling especially crafty yourself, feel free to link up and show off!

Get Your Fash-ON!

Fashion. Well, I just don’t get it. I mean, yeah, I watch Project Runway. But I just don’t get it. I don’t understand ruffles and feathers and layers and layers of fabric. I say all that to say… Big Mama is having a little Fashion Fiesta. So we can all look into each other’s closets. […]

Who’s The Cutest of Them All?

I have SO been looking forward to this Bloggy Giveaway. Usually when I do giveaways, I give away stuff that I love. You know, something I’ve owned for 400 years and couldn’t live without. Well, not today. Today I’m giving away something I COVET! I first found Sarah Jane Studios on Design Mom (oh yummy!). […]

BooMama BoBooMama Bana Fana Fo FooMama

(I have no idea where that title came from! My profuse apologies to BooMama.) As if I haven’t shared enough Christmas-y things with your these past few weeks, it is now time for BooMama’s Tour of Homes! Yee-haw! How fun it would be to have an actual open house for my bloggy friends! You already […]

SOUPtacular! SOUPalicious! SOUPer!

You know I don’t cook. I like it, I do. But my method of cooking is well, calling Daddy and asking him how to make so-and-so. I can make a mean casserole. And if you give me the directions and all the ingredients, I can make pretty much anything. But as far as gourmet, inventive […]