The Sisterchicks Race for the Cure

Saturday was the Susan G Komen Race for the Cure in Atlanta. For those of you that don’t know, that’s THE breast cancer fund-raising event. My sisterchicks and our mamas did it last year and it was such an amazing experience we decided to make it a yearly event. It’s an awesome way to celebrate […]

Update on my Psuedo Mom

Thank you so much for all your prayers. It honestly means so much. I so believe in the power of prayer. I can just see our little bloggy prayers making a big difference! Donna got out of surgery last night at 7pm! She had the mastectomy and reconstructive surgery. Apparently, they found more cancer than […]

Pray for My Psuedo Mom

When we moved to Birmingham a few years ago, we miraculously found the parents of some of our great friends. And miraculously, they let us live with them for several months until we bought a house. This couple, Wayne & Donna are without a doubt some of the best and most special people in our […]

Kid Gloves

Jenny, Annie and I started a good discussion over at Jenny’s. Jump in!

Calling All Women!

Remember when I did the Race for the Cure? And I briefly mentioned I got to be on TV? Ahhh, yeah! Well, I TIVOed the segment, burnt it onto a dvd but can’t seem to get it on the computer. (so, any hints would be appreciated!) The entire segment was full of interviews on different […]

Kiss your kids…

Then would you please pray for Trish & Dave’s daughter, Ashley? She’s an almost 2 year old going through chemo. They’re having a rough time right now and could use some encouragement. But what Ashley really needs is a miracle. There’s a great story in Matthew 8 about a Roman centurion who comes to Jesus […]

Let’s Do the Time Warp…

Waaaay back in 2005, I started a blog. I didn’t start it to share my wit with the world. Or to practice my writing skills, or to even keep up with my family. I started it because I bought some furniture. Yes, my first antique furniture. Our pseudo-parents in Bham called us and said, “There’s […]