Kids Bedtime Reads for Lent

Lent begins this week. Lent is the Easter equivalent of Advent. It’s a time of waiting and preparing for the Big Day. Just as a bride prepares for her wedding day, we get to prepare our hearts and minds to think about and celebrate the resurrection of Jesus on Easter Sunday! Most people give up chocolate […]

We Got To Pray Just To Make It Today

Affiliate links included. When you purchase anything via these links, I make a small commission. Very small. But very appreciated. Thanks for loving ohAmanda!  We’re one month into a new year. How are those New Year’s resolutions coming? Anything you’ve stuck with? Did you pick one word? Or maybe a Scripture for the year? Every year I […]

Summer Read & Do List

OK. So, I wanted to make a This-Is-What-We’re-Doing-This-Summer List for you. Then, I kinda wanted to do a Summer Reading List, too. But, neither list was as wonderfully list-y as I wanted it to be. Instead, I’m combining them into a Summer Read and Do List. Alternately titled, “I Felt Like Writing a List and […]

The Promise of New Life

The last few days have been aaaallllmost spring-like. It’s 63 today and even though the prediction is a week of rain, I’ll take it over the frigid temperatures from last week. So, even though the ground is brown and the grass dead, new life seems just around the corner. And that’s why I love this […]

What is Easter? {a kids’ book}

Two new books have arrived on our doorstep. Two new Easter books! I’m always on the lookout for new books that discuss the death and resurrection of Jesus because I feel like there just aren’t enough (or enough good ones) out there. When Lydia was 1 year old, I went to the Christian bookstore to […]

Becoming a Spiritually Healthy Family

You know what I love about God? OK, there are a lot of things, but one thing I like is that He is always using word pictures and symbols. God describes himself as a bird that will hide us under his wings, he tells us His Word is like snow, our sins are scarlet and […]

Speaking Godly Character Over Your Son

This post was originally published on the MOB Society in 2010 and subsequently lost in the bowels on the internet. I just ran across it today and thought it was fun enough (and 2 year old Asa cute enough) to post for posterity. Enjoy! I usually get inspired to do activities with my kids when we […]