Disney’s Pirate Fairy: A Mom’s Review & Family Discussion Guide

It’s a quiet day here. Well, quiet if you don’t count the dog who insists on barking every single time I sit down to write. (I am not joking. He’s whining at the door now.) It’s our last day of Spring Break and the kids are with Grandmama today! We kicked off Spring Break a […]

Notes from a Blue Bike

My parents gave me a blue bike for my 25th birthday. I lived in Celebration, FL at the time and riding a bike around that Truman-Show-like town was a must. Our job and life in Celebration was the first big grown up move we ever made. We had been traveling around the country since we […]

I Stand Alone on the i-P-a-d…

I’m not a big fan of kids’ apps for my smart phone. I decided a long time ago that I was not going to have games on my phone because if I did, my kids would want to play it. And then I’d have to say “no” and then they would pout and then they […]

Popcorn & Diligence {Whoo’s Wise}

Last week my cousin, his wife and almost 2 year old son came to visit us. Well, he actually came to compete in the Garage Games with my husband, but they stayed with us and we vacationed-it up. Of course, they flew in from California on the day it had been sleeting for 24 hours […]

Where We’re Going We Don’t Need Roads!

  Have you ever wanted to travel back in time? Oh, I have. It’s why I love historical fiction–you get to experience lands and events and people from places and times you could never ever experience! So, because I’m just back from vacation, still haven’t made it through my inbox and am trying to catch […]

Praying for Boys

You remember Samson? He has a weird story, don’t you think? He was set apart as a baby to serve God. Then, he killed hundreds of people, lived with ungodly women, had his hair cut off and then God still used him to kill Israel’s enemies with his own death. It’s just a weird, weird […]

ohChristmas *and* a Best Bible Book

Most mornings the kids watch a TV show while they eat breakfast. Since Christmas time is here, we have been watching Christmas movies! Our favorites are The Very First Noel, Boz and Classic Mickey Christmas Cartoons. We watched a new DVD today from Animated Stories from the Bible called The King is Born. These DVDs […]