Allume 2013

Oh, Allume! It’s been so many days (weeks?) since the Allume Conference and there is so much I want to tell you about but there is no way with Christmas and with LIFE that I can get all the words in! Have you ever been to a place where you just fit? For some reason, […]

A Little Help, Please?

Remember Roots for the Journey? My new favorite CD from Yancy? Well, what I did not tell you about Roots for the Journey is that Yancy has pulled together some amazing people to expand this CD to more than just music. I’m so excited to give you a brief preview of the Roots for the […]

How I Blog…

One thing I like about blogs is that they are kind of like reality television. Where else do you get to see people get their first book deal? Or start a new ministry? Or go through nine months of pregnancy? Or travel the world? Or wrangle quadruplets? Or just live life and keep their head […]

Ready for the eBook Library?!

I told you it was coming and it’s here! Are you ready to jump headfirst into ebooks? Are you ready to access an entire library of homemaking resources? The Ultimate Homemaking eBook Bundle is here. If you’re already sold and don’t even care what I have to say about it and you just wanna buy […]

5 Reasons eBooks Are My Friends.

  If you follow me on Facebook (and who doesn’t?!), you know I link to ebook freebies a lot. This year is unofficially The Year of the Book for me. I don’t know how it happened but I am in a constant state of reading lately. Last week I read THREE books. THREE. In ONE […]

Have You Made The Switch?

In case you haven’t made the switch or missed our Backyard Party at my new bloggy space, here’s a wrap of of the fun this week! an airplane costume from Wearables by Kid Constructions (Four winners!) an 11×13 print from Hope Ink (+a 15% discount code for you!) the Redeemed scarf, I Am His necklace […]

It is Time! Oooooh!

The backyard party is ready for you! Come join the fun–and snag your own copy of my new ebook, Praying God’s Word for Your Kids. {And make sure you subscribe over there, because in a few days my internet-guru, Jason from Buzzhive is going to combine all the content on both blogs and redirect all […]