Of Bread and Social Media

I went to a bread making class at Bread Beckers a few weeks ago. While I was there one of the girls that works there (well, she actually owns their bakery, The Real Bread Company!) said she sold eggs. So, I asked her if I could buy eggs from her because sometimes my farmer-delivery guy […]

Once Upon A Time, I Was Famous

And why was I famous you ask? (You did ask, didn’t you?) Well, for one glorious day, I had a camera crew follow me around. We’re talking boom mics, cameras clicking away during private conversations and in your face as you walked down the hall. OK, it wasn’t just for me, but I was one […]

An Intro, a Recap & Just the Beginning…

So. Cincinnati. Pampers. Mom Bloggers. It was just too much. It will take me posts and posts to properly assimilate all the information. And honestly, it was so interesting and informative and inspiring (how’s that for alliteration?) that I WANT to give you every detail. Hope you’re ready! I want to tell you about P&G, […]

Not EVEN Random!

It’s Monday and I actually have something to post. In just 2 hours a CAR is going to pick my up at MY HOUSE to bring me to the AIRPORT so I can FLY to CINCINNATI for a BLOGGY MEET UP with PAMPERS and 14 other bloggers! Do you hear my excitement?! I only had […]