Encouraging Conversations

So, my friend Crystal Stine asked me if I would like to be a part of her 31 Days series, “Encouraging Conversations” where she talks to some of her fave encouraging folks about…well, about their favorite topic. Do I want to talk about MY favorite topic for all the internets to see? Hello! Sign me […]

Why Pressgram Might Be Better for Your Blog Than Instagram

I’ve been playing with a new app. It’s called Pressgram. It’s basically an Instagram where you can share cool, filtered photos and connect with others. But there’s one little difference: You OWN the pictures because you can publish them (automatically) to your blog. OK. So, remember when Facebook bought Instagram and everyone cried? Then Instagram […]

Welcome to the Backyard Party!

Well, hello there! What do you think of these fancy new duds? Pretty cute, huh? Jason from Buzzhive (who designed Truth in the Tinsel and just happens to be my little brother) was tireless with all my great ideas and I’m super pleased with how this new space turned out! Feel free to poke around […]

{real} life versus {blog} life

Sometimes blog life seems so important. Then you have a birthday party with 12 little kids running around in cardboard airplanes and you forget about blog life. Asa’s Flying Ace party trumped my big backyard bloggy party and relaunch for this week. But it’s still all in the works! Just stick around for a few […]

Six Months Later…

Well, hello there! Remember I told you I might be back for Asa’s birthday party in September? Well, here it is two days before Asa’s birthday and I’m posting! On ohAmanda! Like actual blogging! I’m here because I’ve got a big announcement–no, not a baby. Or a farm. But some fun news nonetheless. And I […]

My Blog Story

I’m going to tell you a story. I’ve actually told you this story in bits and pieces before. But now I’ve got an ending. Ready? My whole life all I wanted to do was to serve Jesus. I loved working at our local church. My days were filled with puppet performances, Sunday morning skits for […]

Miscellany: How I Write a Blog Post {Part 10}

We made it! The last and final stop in our How *I* Write a Blog Post series! I hope you haven’t been bored out of your mind. I hope it has been helpful. I kinda liked writing it. I’m intrigued by blogging and social media so I love talking about it. I want to end […]