Asa is Three: Top Ten {Tuesday}

  When I put Asa to bed tonight (Monday) it was the last time I’d hold him as a 2 year old. *sniff* My sweet baby pirate is turning into a little boy. He still seems little when he cries for Mommy, runs to hold my hand or kisses his big sis “Eee-ya” ten times […]

Rapunzel’s *Golden Hair* Birthday Party

If you remember, I saw Tangled as a pre-release. And loved it. Loved it. At Thanksgiving we ended up seeing it again with family. That night I must have dreamed about Rapunzel and her golden hair because I woke up in the middle of the night thinking about how it would be a perfect theme […]

The Pirate Party: Top Ten {Tuesday}

Birthday party posts are my fave. And I also dread them. Because I like to give every detail of the party. (I know, you’re shocked by that statement). I want to tell you about each and every decoration, game and food. But I realize that can make for some dull blogging. So, instead, I’ll try […]

How To Throw The Coolest Muppet Type Puppet Birthday Party

Welcome to the Puppet Party! Oh, I know I say this with every birthday party but: THIS WAS SO FUN! I wanted a funky, kooky Muppety, Fraggle-Rock-ish feel to Lydia’s 4th birthday party. And it was just perfect! It was loud, colorful and felt like a carnival! Wanna know how it went down? DECOR The […]


My sweet sweet girl, You are three years old today. I’m not going to say it’s bittersweet. It’s not really. I love you more and more every day so to see you turn three is just a celebration of how much my love has grown for you. one day old  As I nurse and snuggle […]

A Birthday of Sorts

Do you ever forget how old you are? I do. I know, it’s silly. But sometimes I can’t remember. Am I 31 or 32? I just don’t have enough math skills to subtract 1977 from 2008 quickly. My brother is the lucky one. He was born in 1980. So, basically in this decade my brother […]

My Belated Birthday Present

Thank you, Becky! I L-O-V-E it!! This will be the first thing I wear post-pirate. Obviously, it is NOT a maternity shirt. Plus, we all know what happens to pregnant women on The Island. *shiver* (and yes, for those of you wondering, I WILL be getting my hair cut tomorrow.)