I got a Chic Critique!

Guess what? I’m guest blogging over at Jo-Lynne‘s fabu fabulous Chic Critique! And it’s on my MOST favorite thing in all of the whole wide world–MINERAL MAKE UP. *sigh* I wish bareMinerals or one of the other high end companies would hire me. I’d work for product. Or even a tshirt that says: I *heart* […]

WFMW: The Best of the Best!

Ok, Shannon’s having the “greatest hits” edition of wfmw. I only have like 4 Works for Me Wednesday posts to choose from, but I do think this is my favorite one. Be prepared to be amazed. For real. This is good. OK, here we go… Ever since I read my first Works for Me Wednesday […]

Pumpkin Orchard Apple Patch

Today we planned to go to a pumpkin patch with all my husband’s family (minus my hubby who had to work). I thought it was going to be a little trip to the patch, snap a couple of pictures and be done. Instead, we drove an hour into beautiful north Georgia. Up and down the […]

The Sunset Over the Ocean

As far as vacations go, the beach is not my fave. I hate the sunscreen, wearing a bathing suit, getting sunburn, having sand everywhere and the sea life. *shudder* However, the ocean is one of those places that makes me see God better. I really cannot even comprehend how big the ocean is–even when I’m […]

Brand Snob

Are you a brand snob? Shannon is having a brand loyal edition of her works-for-me-wednesday. I haven’t done this in awhile, but I love me some brands, so I thought I’d participate! Let’s see…on the complete boring side: Brawny Pick-a-size Paper Towels. (makes me feel like I’m saving a few trees!) Kashi Golden Brown Maple […]

Pandas & Owls & Gorillas, Oh my!

We went to the zoo yesterday! Les has been gone so much lately that with this 3 day weekend, we decided to do something fun. Lydia is so into animals right now, we’d knew she’d love the zoo. Plus, Mei Lan, the baby panda turns 1 this week! And since pandas are my special animal, […]

Why I Don’t Read the Newspaper

I bought a Sunday paper today because…well, I wanted to check out the coupons for Memorial Day. How sick is that? A day to honor the millions of men and women who have given their lives for our country and I’m checking out who’s having the best sale on swimsuits. So, after I hit the […]