I Need Your Advice: Baby Food

When Lydia was six months old, I started feeding her babyfood. We skipped the processed cereal and went straight to sweet potatoes. She ate every bite with minimal mess and loved it. We went on the cruise and were moving when Asa was six months old, so I started a little later with him. His […]

Top Ten Tuesday: Rockin’ Baby Nursery

Remember how I had a baby? Yeah, it was like five months ago. And poor little guy doesn’t have one stick of a cute nursery. (Except for a fun pirate picture that bee sent him.) I know I said I picked out bedding for him. I even bought it. But after I got it in […]

Top Ten Tuesday: Getting Your Baby To Sleep

Today’s first Top Ten Tuesday list is in honor of my sleepy pirate. Remember how he started sleeping 8 hours like in November? Well, last week he reneged on that deal. He started waking up three times PER NIGHT. I was a zombie. A zombie. A zombie. Seriously. A zombie. One night I just decided […]

Why I Didn’t Post Today

  [alternate title: It’s OK. I’m Laughing At Him, Too.] [alternate alternate title: Does That Hood Have Bear Ears On It?] [actual title: I Really Wanted To Post Today But He Keeps Distracting Me!]

Things I Love: Frozen Dinners

OK, well, maybe not those Salisbury steak ones with the mac and cheese that comes out of it’s little container in one big blob. But generally speaking, hot food that is ready when I’m hungry, I likey. So, I was pretty excited when Happy Baby foods contacted me to try out some of their food. […]

Adventures in Bunny-wearing

So did you hear the uproar in the blogosphere and twitter-land about the Motrin babywearing ads? YIKES. I knew social media was a force. But this shows how big it is. And how loud (in a good way) moms can be. Anyway, there are so many posts about it, I’m not even sure where to […]

What I’d Wear Wednesday

This soft velour outfit from Gymboree! OK, maybe I wouldn’t wear it, but in a few months Asa will be wearing it because my sweet and wonderful bloggy friend, Damselfly just sent it to him! Don’t you love it? Thank you, Damselfly! I can’t wait to snuggle him in this little outfit! (And did you […]