Mother-Son Circus Date: Ringling Brothers and Barnum & Bailey Come to Atlanta

Remember how I told you I never take Asa on dates alone? Well, what do you know, it happened this week. I was invited to take the whole family to the circus on Thursday. Lydia had a fever from Monday to Friday (It got up to 104.5, y’all!) so she couldn’t very well go. But […]

The Four Seasons Atlanta {Or Bloggers & Honeybees}

I get emails almost every day from PR companies. Sometimes they are just telling me about a new product, a contest or offering to send me something for my readers. The other day I got an invite to the Four Seasons. To spend the night. By myself. AND get a spa treatment. Me: {wildly dialing […]


Last night our friends were supposed to come over to babysit the kids. Then my aunt called and invited Lydia to go out to eat. Then our friends couldn’t babysit, so I had to call my dad. But he couldn’t stay all night, so I had to call my sister-in-law. So, in the matter of […]

Orange Juice and Puppet Shows

Last week I took the kids to The Center for Puppetry Arts. Yeah, we just went in January, but I can’t help it. It’s fun! This time we saw a really amazing show. It was all shadow puppetry and was performed by only one puppeteer, Hobey Ford. I don’t know if you’ve seen shadow puppets […]

Alliance Theatre: Disney’s Mulan (Reason #842 Why I Love Atlanta)

photo by Greg Mooney We went to the Alliance Theatre in Atlanta to see the theatrical version of Disney’s Mulan. And can I just say that it was like every single thing I loved all wrapped up into one? Family time? CHECK. Theatre? CHECK. Musical Theatre? CHECK. Puppetry? CHECK! Cool Kids’ Activities? CHECK. Disney? CHECK. […]

A Love Story: Sprinkles Cupcakes in Newport Beach

After saying good-bye to the lovely bloggers at the Nestle event, we departed our Fancy Nancy hotel, loaded the kids up in the rental car and drove down to Newport Beach. Why Newport? Well, my aunt used to have a house in Huntington (which is next door neighbors to Newport).  And because Christy Miller is […]

Disney On Ice: Celebrations (& a Discount for the Atlanta show!)

Last night we went to the Phillips Arena in downtown Atlanta to see Disney on Ice! I know what you’re thinking: Disneyland and Disney on Ice in two weeks?! Could I be any more Disney-fied?! (Why, yes I could, actually. Did I tell you I made it to the SECOND round of the Disney Moms […]