Love Them {31 Days: Day 31 }

We made it! The last day of our 31 Days to Impress Your Kids! I am blown away by all the fabulous sharing, comments and interaction there has been on these posts. I’m honored that you’ve been a part of these 31 days! THANK YOU! Today’s post is a quick one. It’s what all these […]

Act It Out {31 Days: Day 30}

I’m so excited about today’s post! It features an interview with Mike Nawrocki, co-creator of Veggie Tales and voice of Larry the Cucumber! How fun is that?! Veggie Tales generously, graciously and lovingly sponsored me to the Relevant Conference (which was amazing, by the way and I can’t wait to tell you about it!) last […]

Make Holidays HOLYdays {31 Days: Day 29}

Do you remember what it was like to wait for Christmas as a kid? It seemed like several years between each December. Christmas wasn’t just a day, it was an event! I can still chronicle many years by remembering the Christmas holiday. For kids, special days and holidays are the biggest events of their lives. […]

Keep Them Little {31 Days: Day 28}

When I was in 7th grade I kept the book, Yours Forever in my locker all year. I read it about 14 times. It was my favorite book in my favorite series by my favorite author, Robin Jones Gunn. The books told the story of a 14 year old Wisconsin girl named Christy Miller who […]

Speak God’s Word {31 Days: Day 27}

A few months ago, my friend Yancy emailed me because she had heard about the Relevant Conference. She asked if I thought it would be worth it for her to be one of the sponsors. I said YES, because I know how influential Mom Bloggers can be. And I’d love for more moms and families […]

Fill Them With Good Things {31 Days: Day 26}

We all know sugar sweets should be eaten in moderation. My kids love cupcakes, but I don’t serve them for breakfast every day. The same is true for media. So much of what the world produces (tv, music, magazines, books, etc.) is just empty sugar at best. At worst, it’s opposed to our Christian values […]

Slow Down {31 Days: Day 25}

My daughter has been taking ballet since she was 3. It is probably the cutest thing I’ve ever seen in my life. All the little girls in their pink tights and matching pink shoes will make your heart ache just looking at them! I love seeing my daughter learn the steps, grow in her athleticism […]