Asa’s First Day of Kindergarten

first day of kindergarten

My boy starts kindergarten today. KINDERGARTEN.

When I filled out his application for our hybrid homeschool, one of the questions was, “Where does he excel?”. I think they were looking for an answer like “reading” or “math”. Even though I’ve been homeschooling him the last few years, it’s been very student-led, very low-key and very fun (I hope) and I haven’t pushed him to recite his ABCs or know all the sounds or whatever it is they learn in preschool. I just wanted him to get used to being in our homeschool room, to enjoy learning and love reading.

Anyway, the answer I gave for what he excels at? Imagination. Play. Pretend. It’s what he does. He takes every–everything–we do and turns it into an adventure. He hides from dragons while he puts clothes away. He uses spatulas as swords. He plans surprise dance parties before bed, makes his toys come alive in play and hears monsters stomping through the house.

first day of third grade

My little pirate isn’t so little anymore. And while we get adjusted to kindergarten homeschooling (and Lydia’s 3rd grade at the same time!), I’m going to take a month off the blog. You might see me on Facebook or Twitter a little tiny bit. But mainly, I’ll be unplugged. (And yes, the kids are gone to school two days, so it would seem as I have more time, but this is all new to me. So, I’ll be getting in the homeschool groove and hopefully working on some Truth in the Tinsel stuff and other behind-the-scenes details that don’t require instant updates.)

While you’re waiting for me (you will be, won’t you?), check out some of my favorite school-themed posts!

back to school posts

See you back here September 8th! Enjoy the first day of school with your littles!


God’s Little Explorers

Apparently it’s a thing in the homeschool-blogging world to share your curriculum choices at the beginning of each school year. I totally love this idea and I love reading through all the fun ideas and plans people have for their kids.

Alas, this is not that post.

You may have gathered that follow-through is not one of my strong suits. {{sheepish grin}} So, instead of telling you what I’m doing this year, how about I tell you what I did last year?! You love me right now, don’t you?

Our hybrid homeschool picks out all our basic curriculum and I try to add a few things here and there–like We Choose Virtues and this year, since we didn’t finish Bible Detectives (see follow-through above), we’ll continue that. Anywhoo, last year, when Asa was still a Pre-K kiddo, I wanted something that was a little more school-y without being overly LEARN ALL YOUR LETTERS AND SOUNDS AND CONJUGATIONS AND LATIN AND HOW TO WRITE AN ESSAY.

I ran across God’s Little Explorers and it became the perfect fit for us. It’s actually a FREE preschool curriculum at Motherhood on a Dime but you can pay $17 and get it all in one spot with some extra downloads. That’s what I did and it’s totally worth the 17 bucks, I assure you!

God's Little Explorers Preschool Homeschool Curriculum

Here’s a little screenshot on how it works and how I use it on my computer…

Here’s how I used it in my own two hands…

gods little explorers preschool curriculum 1

I printed the entire thing off and divided it all up in this 31-file folder. You can’t buy an A-Z folder because they usually combine XYZ. Lame. Then I put in all the printables and assignment sheets in the appropriate file. That way if I happen to run across something that would work for an upcoming week, I could slide it in there.

gods little explorers preschool curriculum 2

Here’s Asa’s notebook. He is SO proud of this thing.

gods little explorers preschool curriculum 3

We added a little extra weekly thing and made Memory Verse Books.

gods little explorers preschool curriculum 4


It started because the second week you make this cool book about creation with contact paper. And we thought it would be fun to make one every week. They aren’t fancy and most of them were illustrated by Asa, but he loves them and it really helped him internalize the Scriptures.

gods little explorers preschool curriculum 5

Asa also had a “writing notebook” that I filled with letter-themed printables from 1+1+1=1. I slid them into page protectors so he could use a dry erase marker and reuse them as often as he wanted. This was kind of an extra thing so he had something to do if I had to work with Lydia.

If you’re considering homeschool, I think this is a great try-it-out option. If you’re not into sending your kids to preschool but wanna do  some more structured (but not too rigid) learning at home, this is a great resource. If you just want something easy peasy, fun and Bible-centered to do with your preschoolers, this is it!

And guess what? Because I LOVE YOU, I asked Stacie if she’d give us a coupon code AND SHE DID! Buy God’s Little Explorers and use code 3OFF to get $3 off to make the curriculum just $14!! Thank you, Stacie!

Grab God’s Little Explorers now!

God's Little Explorers Preschool Homeschool Curriculum

Duct Tape & Tshirts

duct tape tshirt crafts 1

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Our New Favorite Coloring Book

whats in the bible coloring book 1

Isn’t this lovely? Lydia colored and decorated it the other day. It’s from our new favorite coloring book, What’s in the Bible? Coloring Book. My kids must color. Know what I mean? Like sometimes they just need to be sitting down, letting their little hands work and their little minds be creative. Sometimes when the house […]

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My New Favorite

asa pirate ship blur.jpg copy

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One More Dragon Thing!!

Screen Shot 2014-07-30 at 7.47.10 AM

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We Be Trippin’

oh rv amana mankato 1

My father-in-law recently retired after 30 years as a pastor. He and my mother-in-law have been traveling. And now, they are thinking of getting an RV.  My sister-in-law is a former missionary, now church planter with an traveling-world-evangelist for a husband. They are thinking about taking their fam on the road for a few months […]

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