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I told you about my fave podcasts the other day, right? My friend Amy (who I’ve known foooorrrever in blogging time) started a new podcast called Feathers. Her story is so great (and has to do with feathers, if you can believe it)–how God leads a little here and a little there and in unexpected ways. Anyway, Amy and I chat on her podcast this week about…well, about how scared I was to release Sense of the Resurrection and how God moves us from here to there as only He can. Click over or subscribe on your smartphone and have a listen today!


Mini Schedules for Sense of the Resurrection


It’s about 10 or 11 days till Easter. (I hate countdowns because I never know which days to count–do you count today? the day of the big event? It’s confusing.) There are 12 activities in A Sense of the Resurrection. So, even with my subpar math skills, I can see there isn’t much time for finishing the book up if you haven’t started yet.

But guess what? There’s still time to celebrate. There’s still time to point your kids to Jesus. I made a list of 40 ways to make Easter about Jesus that is pretty fab. You can also make your regular traditions point to Him.

And yes, you still have time to do some activities in A Sense of the Resurrection. Choose a day to sit down and read the actual story of Jesus’ death and resurrection from the Bible or even a Bible storybook.

Then, pick a few activities to do from A Sense of the Resurrection that line up with what you’ve read. Here’s an example with the Jesus Storybook Bible (my personal fave):

Read “Washed With Tears” and then do the Day 1 activity (Mary’s Perfume).

Read “The Servant King” and then do the Day 3 activity (Washing Feet).

Read “A Dark Night in the Garden”.

Read “The Sun Tops Shining” and do Day 7 (Nails) and/or Day 10 (Sealed Tomb).

Read “God’s Wonderful Surprise” and do Day 11 (Angel).

Read “Going Home” and do Day 12(Fish).

That’s only 6 chapters from a storybook and 5-6 little activities! Here’s a graphic. Screenshot this on your phone and you won’t even have to write it down!

There's still time to do Sense of the Resurrection this Easter season! Here's a mini-schedule to correspond with the Jesus Storybook Bible! //

Or, take a few activities from the book and do them on the corresponding traditional days of Holy Week. Something like this:

On Palm Sunday (THIS Sunday!) do Day 2 (Triumphal Entry).

On Maundy Thursday, do Day 4 (Last Supper) and/or Day 5 (Purple Robe).

On Good Friday, do Day 7 (Nails) and/or Day 9 (Vinegar).

On Holy Saturday, do Day 10 (Sealed Tomb).

On Easter Sunday, do Day 11 (Angel).

Again, we’re talking about just 5-6 activities! And a graphic for this one, too…

Sense of the Resurrection Mini Schedule for Holy Week //

We’ve got Spring Break coming up this week, Easter parties and playing outside and sports are going on but can I remind you that nothing is as big and amazing as this story? I know you’re planning Easter lunch with your family, new clothes for the kids and Easter baskets from Peter Cottontail, so will you also spend a few minutes, a few days celebrating Jesus? Will you take a little time to let your kids meditate, let your heart simmer with the great true story of Jesus’ death and resurrection?


If you haven’t downloaded your copy of A Sense of the Resurrection, buy it now for $7.99!  

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