Best Christian TV Shows for Kids

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Since we moved into the apartment we’ve tried all the TV-streaming-things: Hulu, Amazon Prime, the CBS app (for Survivor, y’all!), the Disney Jr app, Netflix and now Jelly Telly! Do you know about Jelly Telly? It’s basically a Netflix-like app full of curated kids’ shows with Christian themes and messages.

My kids are in love with it. And it makes me happy, too. Here’s some of our favorite shows so far..Best Christian Kids TV Shows via and

Friends and Heroes: Set in early Christian days, a group of Jewish kids and their Roman friend learn about Jewish and Christian heroes. It’s exciting, has good animation and there are like 30 episodes to choose from.

Last Chance Detectives: This is a live-action show about a gang of kids who solve mysteries in their small town in Arizona. It’s based on some audio dramas from Focus on the Family and they are super exciting.

Theo: I adore Theo. They are short cartoons about two silly mice who learn about theology from a kindly old man while he tells Bible stories and more. The animation is so beautiful and it’s a quiet, sweet show with really precise language and teaching.

Hoop Dogz: These remind me of some old Nickelodeon shows like Doug and…well, I can’t remember any of the other ones but, the animation is fun and bright. Each show is about one of the ten commandments (although there are only like episodes…) and it is hilarious. Two of the characters are televangelists. So.

Rocket Pack Jack: This is actually just an hour long movie from one of the Lifeway VBS themes a few years ago, but it was really fun. Asa made me look it up as soon as it was done to see if there was a Part 2!

The Jesus Storybook Bible: HELLO! The animated audio versions of the book!

Torchlighters: This is my new fave. It’s basically the stories of famous Christians and missionaries. We watched the Gladys Alyward one and I cried right through it. The kids loved it and even brought it up later that day because the story is so moving.

Yancy: Yes! Yancy! All the sing-a-long videos she has are available to watch. Talk about a dance party in your living room!

Best Christian Kids TV Shows via and

Plus,  shows like Pahapahooey Island (a puppet show!), Angel Wars (a decent computer animated show about armor-wearing angels), Junior’s Giants, 321 Penguins, The Nature of God (think Discovery Channel with a Creation-twist!) and a bunch of fun shows from my all-time favorite What’s in the Bible? and several Veggie Tales!

There are tons of preschool shows and a few shorts that feel like maybe they were made for a church curriculum (like Timbuktoons!) but are still cute and fun, Christmas and Easter movies and more!

Wanna see how we stream Jelly Telly at our house? Check out this fun video (of me!!) on the Jelly Telly Facebook page!

Then sign up for a FREE WEEK of Jelly Telly right here!

5 Easter Basket Gifts For a Christ-Centered Easter + Giveaway & Coupon Codes

This post includes affiliate links. When you make a puchase via these links, I receive a small percentage. Very small but very appreciated. Thanks for loving ohAmanda!

It’s unEaster Basket time! (Did you know that was a time? Well, it is here!)

I’m a big fan of using Easter baskets to point our kids to Jesus. In fact, I’m a big fan of using any and every thing to point our kids to Jesus. When it comes to something as big and exciting as a giant Easter basket filled with gifts–well, I think we should use some of that shiny-ness to point Jesus’ way, don’t you?

So, here’s some of my very fav-o-rite type of gifts to put in an Easter basket–after Cadbury Creme Eggs and Reese’s Eggs, of course. (And hey-pay attention because there’s some coupon codes and a fancy shmancy giveaway at the end!)

1. A DVD

Kids consume a lot of TV. They just do. Might as well make some of that television point them to the Lord. Owlegories is a new DVD that I am loving more and more every time I watch it. It’s basically a little class of owls who are learning the Owl Code,

“We love to learn about creation. It helps us become wise. God’s nature is all around us if we look through heaven’s eyes.”


Each mini-episode (about 10 minutes), these owls explore nature and learn something about God from it. It’s so simple but so exactly what I want to do with my kids and how I really believe God designed us to teach our kids–with object lessons all around us!

For example, in Volume 2, the owl friends are supposed to collect some maple syrup for a pancake party but they get sidetracked by some very simple items and come back to their pancake party with nothing. If they had paid attention to the ants around them, they would have learned to be work hard and work as a team and think about the future. It’s incredibly simple and that blatant. They wrap it up neatly at the end plus, there is always an actual pastor-type person (Matt Chandler, Tony Evans, etc.) who gives a very mini sermon/devotion at the end.

Your children cannot walk away from watching Owlegories without learning something–and with the mini sermon at the end, it helps you put words and action to what you just watched with your kid (please watch movies with your kids!!!).

I love the heart, the animation (kinda looks like a picture book), the voices, the humor, the lessons and the great way it can be a tool for parents. Owlegories should be in your Easter Basket!

And guess what! One of you will win Volume 1 and 2! Yippee!

Screen Shot 2016-03-17 at 5.17.25 PM Screen Shot 2016-03-17 at 5.17.35 PM
And the rest of you have earned…ok, not really, you’re just on the receiving end of a super gift. Owlegories is offering 20% off with code AMANDA20! So, go! Go now! And even if you win, you can give the DVDs you won to your nice and nephews.

Recommended ages: Preschool through Elementary

2. A Lamb 

My kids love stuffed animals. LOVE STUFFED ANIMALS. I’m pretty sure we’ve covered this before. But basically, when we moved I gave them one box each to pack which toys they wanted to bring to tour apartment t. Both of them filled their box up with 75% stuffed animals and the rest toys/crafts. It’s all they play with!

A bunny is an obvious choice but since I want my kids to know more about the Lamb than the Bunny, I try to squeeze a lamb gift into their baskets every year. Sometimes it’s just these sweet Lindt lambs. I’ve done this awesome Psalm 23 lamb book. And hey, if you’ve got a Doc fan in your house, Lambie might be a good choice! *wink*

Easter - Easter Celebration - Inspirational Children's Gift Set


So, I’m super excited that Dayspring has a new plush lamb and matching book! It’s a nice board book with a prayer to Jesus about spring and Easter. It’s sweet and has happy illustrations. And the plush lamb is sooooooooooooooooo soft!!!!!! (That’s what my daughter told me.)

If you do want to go the bunny route, they also have a fun book and plush combo called Rabbit Has a Party and her mouse friend who eats all the cupcakes before it even starts. Rabbit gets to show forgiveness and the all learn how God forgives us. It’s a good story with whimsical illustrations. And yes, the bunny is sooooooooo soft.

Easter - Rabbit Has a Party - Inspirational Children's Gift Set

Dayspring is giving away BOTH of these sweet books and animals to one of you! Yippee! (We’ll be giving ours to my new foster nephews. I had to pry them out of my own kid’s hands because they wanted to keep them!)

Plus: use coupon code 20EASTER between now and Easter for 20% off your Easter purchase! That makes these cute sets only $13.

Recommended ages: Preschool (or elementary if your kids like stuffed animals as much as mine do!)

3. A Seed

OK, it doesn’t have to be a seed. But something garden-y is always fun because it’s such a symbol of new life and growth in the Lord. I’ve done mini chia pet type things, gardening gloves and flower pots.

My friend Jackie from Willow of Wonder has this same idea–only better, more creative and SO PRETTY! Are you ready for this awesomeness? She has designed a whole printable party set to be used for a Resurrection Day party! We’re talking invitations, banners, gift bags, placemats and more! I am truly, madly and deeply in love with it.

wow2 wow3

How great would this be for a party with all your kids’ friends? Or honestly, with your own friends?! Or just for your Easter lunch? Ohmygoodness. The possibilities!


I love the whole garden and flower theme. For a basket, I’d print off the seed gift bag, the candy/flower cone and the placemats. Talk about a cheap gift! I’m totally printing off those placemats for our Easter picnic we have every year with my family–my niece and nephews will love coloring it!

Jackie is giving away the whole set to one of you today!

AND she’s offering 20% off with code EASTER20 for the rest of us! (You can print off the invites and the placemats individually OR buy all the amazingness together!)

4. Music

Even if you aren’t the kind of person that has music on all the time, you need some good Bible-based music in your home. If you’ve been around for any length of time you know my two faves are Yancy and Seeds Family Worship.

Yancy is a mama, a singer-songwriter and long-time friend. She loves God’s Word and puts it into every one of her songs. Taste and See is her newest album for kids–your preschool and elementary aged kids will love it! (Plus, there’s an Easter song on it!)

Screen Shot 2016-03-17 at 10.26.59 PM

Seeds Family Worship a new Easter EP out which has one new song and then a few from their other CDs that are Easter-themed all put together on one digital download.

Screen Shot 2016-03-17 at 4.59.27 PM

I’m tucking these into the winner’s Easter Basket and if you use code yancylovesme when you shop at Yancy’s site, she’ll give you free shipping! I don’t have a code for Seeds, but y’all that EP is only $6. Go get it!

Recommended ages: all

5. Jewelry

I like jewelry as a gift because it lasts awhile. You might throw away even a pretty cool toy after awhile. But jewelry? It’s a keeper. I love my daughter pulling out a necklace to wear that reminds her of Jesus’ death and resurrection!

Since the first activity in my  A Sense of the Resurrection book is about Mary anointing Jesus’ feet with oil for his burial, I think an essential oil diffuser necklace would be awesome! Just think how great it would be if every time your child put on that necklace they would be reminded of  Mary’s gift to Jesus and Jesus’ great gift to us!

So, I’m adding this sweet little diffuser necklace to the winner’s Easter Basket. Just drop a little oil on the felt circle, close it up and inhale loveliness all day!


(I know this one is kinda girly. I’m looking at these two for boy alternatives. But hey–if you win and don’t have a girl, just keep it for yourself or give it to your mama!)


My other Easter basket suggestions are of course, books (especially Bible books and devotionals) or clothes (maybe a fancy Easter outfit or maybe a fun t-shirt).  Here’s some of our Easter basket gifts from the past. You’ll find lots o’ good ideas here, too!—>

unEaster Baskets 2011

unEaster Baskets 2012

unEasterBaskets 2013

unEaster Baskets 2014

OK, now that you’re all geared up with your baskets, ready to enter to win? Just use the widget below–I want you to connect with all these awesome companies so make sure you do all the entires! 🙂

unEaster Basket Giveaway: Owlegories 1&2, Dayspring Book & Plush (2), Willow of Wonder Printable Party Pack, Seeds Easter EP & Diffuser Necklace


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