The *Little* Commission

source: d sharon pruitt

source: d sharon pruitt

Easter Sunday has come and gone but with Spring breezes and beautiful flowers all around, I cannot stop thinking about the huge excitement of the Resurrection. It’s everywhere–in the new grass, the new blooms, the new life of Spring!

After Jesus came back to life, He appeared to His disciples only a few times. It wasn’t like it was before, where they lived together day after day. And whenever they saw Jesus, it was like they didn’t recognize Him. He was so changed, so resurrected–so alive!

My favorite encounter the disciples have with the resurrected Jesus was recorded in the book of John, chapter 21. The disciples are clearly unsure what to do with their lives and are back in their fishing boats. They’ve had an unsuccessful night of fishing and I’m guessing, are pretty dejected.

Then, just as He’s done before, Jesus stands on the shore and tells them to throw their nets on the other side of the boat. And when they do, the catch is so big they can’t hold it all! That familiar miracle is when Simon Peter recognizes the Lord. He jumps in the water and swims back to Jesus.

Can you imagine? Peter was probably hoping for things to go back the way they were. To be the disciple of the wandering preacher, the miracle worker. His delight in seeing Jesus takes away all pretense and fear. He just wants to be with Jesus again.

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Well-worn Prayers

photo source: NDPettit

photo source: NDPettit

I’m not a super-spiritual prayer warrior who crafts elaborate and dynamic prayers. I haven’t discovered a secret formula of getting my prayers answered. In fact, some days I say to God, “I do not know how to pray about this.” I don’t want to demand something from God but at the same time, I don’t want to tiptoe around a Heavenly Father who is ready to act on my behalf. So, sometimes, when I don’t have words, I turn to other people’s prayers.

I’m not talking about “Now I lay me down to sleep…” or “God is great, God is good…”, I’m talking about well-worn, these have already been answered kinda prayers. Like David’s, “Create in me a clean heart, o God and renew a right spirit within me.” or “May the words of my mouth and the meditations of my heart be pleasing in your eyes, my rock and my redeemer!”

Aren’t those lovely? Such strong prayers! They encompass so much more than sometimes my mind can drum up. The days I’m feeling shameful for how I behaved, praying David’s prayer and asking for a clean heart reminds me that God can and will do this for me. If He forgave and loved David, the adulterer, surely He can give me a clean heart, too!

The times I feel grumpy, complaining and judgmental of my kids, my home or my situation, praying that my words and thoughts would be pleasing to my ROCK and my REDEEMER are powerful words that calm my mind and spirit.

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Memories & Memorials

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I was looking back through my photo stream to find a good Easter-y, Spring-ish picture for this post and was kinda overjoyed to see all the fun we have add celebrating Easter with Sense of the Resurrection! We didn’t do it as orderly as I had hoped (that angel flag never got colored) and not […]

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Success & Obedience

Feathers Podcast by with

I told you about my fave podcasts the other day, right? My friend Amy (who I’ve known foooorrrever in blogging time) started a new podcast called Feathers. Her story is so great (and has to do with feathers, if you can believe it)–how God leads a little here and a little there and in unexpected […]

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Mini Schedules for Sense of the Resurrection


It’s about 10 or 11 days till Easter. (I hate countdowns because I never know which days to count–do you count today? the day of the big event? It’s confusing.) There are 12 activities in A Sense of the Resurrection. So, even with my subpar math skills, I can see there isn’t much time for […]

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SQUEEEE! U-NEEKS 50% off+ SALE for Easter!!

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OK. Remember like last week when I got so excited about the U-neeks (and other cute stuff) on sale at Dayspring? Well, GUESS WHAT???? Dayspring knows and appreciates my deep love…er, I mean, my kids’ deep love for the adorbs little U-Neeks and offered to do a SUPER SPECIAL U-NEEKS SALE FOR YOU. Like, JUST […]

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Easy Scripture Ideas for Meaningful Easter Baskets

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We’ve only got 2 weeks till Easter! TWO! Have you started Sense of the Resurrection? I hope you’re following the hashtag #senseoftheresurrection online. I love seeing these sweet little faces celebrate Jesus. It will warm your heart! Well, if you’ve been around here long you know we do our Easter Baskets a little differently. People […]

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