We Be Trippin’


My father-in-law recently retired after 30 years as a pastor. He and my mother-in-law have been traveling. And now, they are thinking of getting an RV. 

My sister-in-law is a former missionary, now church planter with an traveling-world-evangelist for a husband. They are thinking about taking their fam on the road for a few months in an RV.

And suddenly, I’m itching to get back inside an RV. But more than that? I’m slapping my forehead because DOH! It’s been a YEAR since I got back from our #ohRV trip and I only updated two days. TWO DAYS of our 9 day extravaganza!

I’m seriously sad because there are some AMAZING pictures and adventures we had that you need to know about. So. I’m going to do that now. Maybe not all 9 days in this lil’ ol’ post. But I am going to give you some highlights. I have to. You can pretend we just went on this trip. Or you can just scroll through this and pretend to be mildly interested the way you would if you were looking through my scrapbook. But I’m telling you—this trip was magical. I think everyone should travel in an RV at some point in their lives.

(Also? The RV bug has hit my husband. Not so much to travel the country but so we can go to Disney and stay at Fort Wilderness. I married a keeper, y’all.)

Now. Before we begin, you’ll have to catch up on Day 1 of our adventure where we eat brains and find some long-lost cousins. Then, day 2 where we visit Abraham Lincoln. See? Already you’re loving this, aren’t you?

Our second night, we spent the night in Iowa. I woke up to a pretty little campsite, did my own CrossFit workout (I ran around the lake. Choke.) and the kids had Morning Watch. It was lovely.

oh rv amana mankato 4

oh rv amana mankato 5

Then, the kids and I went on a walk around the campsite. I had seen some corn fields close by and knew we had to get pictures in front of that famous Iowa corn. (Remember this for later.)

oh rv amana mankato 6

Once we were all ready to go and the RV was un-hooked-up (?), we hit the road for Amish country. Only, we discovered there was no Amish country around there. Instead, the Amana Colonies were close by. Do you know about the Amana colonies? Ever heard of Amana appliances? That’s them!

They were a similar group of people to the Amish with their own laws, beliefs but the community fizzled out sometimes in the 30′s. (I think? I can’t remember!) Today, the city is restored and filled with cute shops and restaurants.

oh rv amana mankato 8

We went to one of my favorite antique stores ever, looked at quilts and then ate a traditional German meal. Well, Lydia is the only one that ended up with a really good Amana-style meal.

oh rv amana mankato 7

I asked for corn as a side item. You know, Iowa. Corn. The waitress (with her 3 teeth) said, “Well, it’s frozen corn.” OK. Frozen corn. In Iowa. With cornfields in your backyard. Whatever.

After Amana, we finally made it to Minnesota!

oh rv amana mankato 1

Our first stop in the Land of 10,000 Lakes was Mankato!

What? You don’t know this town?

Mankato is the hometown of author Maud Hart Lovelace. She wrote the Betsy-Tacy books which are, really, my most favorite books in the whole world.

oh rv amana mankato 2

Once we got there, the actual buildings were closed but we did get to walk around what would have been Hill Street and Betsy and Tacy’s homes.

oh rv amana mankato 12

oh rv amana mankato 13

And their bench. Happy sigh.

oh rv amana mankato 3

We also saw a monk. That was kind of weird.

oh rv amana mankato 11

It was a short stop but I totally loved it. 

After that we were off to Walnut Grove, Minnesota!

oh rv amana mankato 14

oh rv amana mankato 9

oh rv amana mankato 10

This was the part of the trip where Daddy almost drove us into a lake, we almost got shot at, we were almost accosted by some hometown fireworks watching folks and were almost lost and swallowed up amongst the prairie all thanks to our low-down-no-good-dirty-good-for-nothing GPS. Sigh. I could go on and on, but it was a year ago and I can’t remember every detail (but clearly, I can exaggerate!)              .

oh rv amana mankato 15

All I know is that I almost chucked that GPS out the window and I may have cursed Minnesota Department of Transportation for making the most asinine street signs in the world.

How much do you love the ohRV?!! 

Next up: Walnut Grove, MN and Laura Ingall’s home on Plum Creek!



Why I’m Not a Craft Blogger

You know, when I first started blogging my craft-y adventures with my kids, I thought my blog might turn into a craft blog. That I might be able to hang with Make and Takes or Inner Child Fun.

Alas, I have discovered that really, I’m just a crafty wannabe. I love all the Pinterest-worthy, etsy-licious stuff online but my follow-through isn’t that great. My craft style is more like find-something-cute-realize-you-don’t-have-all-the-supplies-try-it-anyway-and-shrug-when-it-doesn’t-really-work-but-at-least-you-had-fun-with-the-kids.

And with that, I’d like to show you the dragon craft Asa and I made for Dragon week! (Aren’t you excited?!)

All you need is a paper or plastic cup, some duct tape (preferably dragon colored), puff balls, wiggly eyes, some extra dragon decorations (we used green sparkly foam) and ric rac (we’ll talk more about that in a minute)…

Easy fire-breathing dragon craft // ohAmanda.com

(See? I forgot to put the cup and the puffballs in the picture! Not a good craft blogger…)

Cover your cup with duct tape. It doesn’t have to be pretty. In fact, the more knobby and wrinkled it is, the better!

Easy fire-breathing dragon craft // ohAmanda.com

Next, glue the puffballs on top, add wiggly eyes and you have a dragon head!

Easy fire-breathing dragon craft // ohAmanda.com

Now. Cut a hole in the bottom of the cup. (We did a little hole, but you could cut the whole bottom off, too.) Why? Because you are going to put this dragon to your mouth and blow fire out of the dragon’s mouth!

Fire Breathing Dragon craft // ohAmanda.com

Yes, he’s wearing Christmas pajamas…

For the fire we used rainbow colored ric rac (left over from Lydia’s American Girl Doll party) and when Asa put his mouth on the cup to blow—NOTHING happened.

I think the ric rac was too heavy. The original version I saw on Pinterest used streamers and I think that would work better. But after I had already stapled the ric rac to to a cup covered in duct tape? That was all we were gonna do.

I told Asa to just pretend there was fire instead. He liked it anyway. (So much so he won’t let me throw that thing away–it’s still sitting on his dresser!)

So, there you go. If you make this craft, you might wanna follow the original instructions or search your craft closet for some lighter ribbon to make your own fire-breathing dragon! (See why I’m not a craft blogger?!)

Don’t forget to check out my Dragon Week Pinterest board with all kinds of other (better) dragon crafts, books and a few other raising Knights kinda posts, too. I think you’ll dig it.

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