What is Prayer?

“O Lord, please let the man of God whom you sent come again to us and teach us what we are to do with the child who will be born.” Judges 13:8

When I was in college the girl who lived across the hall from me was a Prayer Warrior. She would turn up the latest Hillsong CD (It was “Shout to the Lord” if you’d like to figure out how old I am) to level 25 and start yelling her prayers for the whole hall to hear. Now, I was a little different. We had this empty broom closet at the end of our hall with…well, nothing inside. You could go inside, lock the door and pray to your heart’s content. Whenever I went in there, no one knew I was there. I wasn’t slapping my hands on the floor, crying real tears or shouting “Hallelujah.” In fact, *whisper* I may have fallen asleep once or twice.

Praying for good grades or direction in your career or relationships is super important, but when I became a mother, my prayers became a little more…desperate. I felt like Samson’s parents shouting out to God, “Lord! I have NO IDEA what I’m doing! Please! Please teach me how to raise these kids!” In fact, sometimes I may have shouted my prayers to God. I certainly cried real tears and I probably turned up my iPod to the max to drown out whatever else those little ankle-biters were doing below me.

So, what is prayer? Like Brooke said in Praying for Boys, it’s simply talking, asking and listening to God. Plus, the best part–it’s believing Him. Not believing in Him but believing Him. The way you believe your husband will bring home dinner like you asked, like you believe your mom when she says she’ll pick up the kids after school.

{Click to read the rest of this post…it is an intro post for the 21 Days of Prayers for Sons, which begins today Wednesday, October 1st! I hope you’ll join me at the MOB Society for this super challenge!}

Prayer: a definition // ohAmanda.com for the 21 Days of Prayer for Sons #mobsociety

There’s Nothing Routine About Routine

Screen shot 2014-09-29 at 9.23.30 AM

Like that lovely screenshot? Today, Lisa-Jo Baker and I are chatting via Google Hangout about her book, Surprised by Motherhood! She’s 8 chapters into her book club right now and I hope you’ll take a few minutes to hear her words (and mine, too) about two of my favorite chapters in her book.  You cannot walk away from a chat with Lisa-Jo without feeling encouraged. She’s one of my heroes and this book will inspire, encourage and buoy your mother-heart!

that is mine surprised by motherhood

Making Your Car a Sanctuary

Making your car a sanctuary. // ohAmanda.com

I’ve always wanted our kids to feel the most comfortable, the most celebrated and the most accepted in our home. My friend Kat takes it a step further and says she wants her children to feel God’s presence–his peace, love and goodness when they climb into the minivan after school and practices.  I love the […]

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Well, hello there!

TNT swap party FB

It’s been a whole month since I’ve been in these here parts! During my little bloggy break, as you know, Asa started kindergarten. With our homeschool-hybrid, he goes to school two days a week with Lydia. I assumed those two days–MY two alone days would be full of answering my emails, finishing posts I’ve had in my […]

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Asa’s First Day of Kindergarten

kindergarten asa

My boy starts kindergarten today. KINDERGARTEN. When I filled out his application for our hybrid homeschool, one of the questions was, “Where does he excel?”. I think they were looking for an answer like “reading” or “math”. Even though I’ve been homeschooling him the last few years, it’s been very student-led, very low-key and very […]

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God’s Little Explorers

gods little explorers preschool curriculum 1

Apparently it’s a thing in the homeschool-blogging world to share your curriculum choices at the beginning of each school year. I totally love this idea and I love reading through all the fun ideas and plans people have for their kids. Alas, this is not that post. You may have gathered that follow-through is not […]

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Duct Tape & Tshirts

duct tape tshirt crafts 1

So. My little girl went to camp. And guess what? SHE LOVED IT. She had the absolute time of her life. It was THE camp experience I wanted her to have. The camp experience we prayed for! She told me she wasn’t nervous the entire week! Her counselor said all the girls in the cabin […]

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