There’s Nothing Routine About Routine

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Like that lovely screenshot? Today, Lisa-Jo Baker and I are chatting via Google Hangout about her book, Surprised by Motherhood! She’s 8 chapters into her book club right now and I hope you’ll take a few minutes to hear her words (and mine, too) about two of my favorite chapters in her book.  You cannot walk away from a chat with Lisa-Jo without feeling encouraged. She’s one of my heroes and this book will inspire, encourage and buoy your mother-heart!

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Making Your Car a Sanctuary

Making your car a sanctuary. //

I’ve always wanted our kids to feel the most comfortable, the most celebrated and the most accepted in our home. My friend Kat takes it a step further and says she wants her children to feel God’s presence–his peace, love and goodness when they climb into the minivan after school and practices.  I love the idea of our car, our house and anywhere our family is together, as a comforting little bubble.

This morning, I felt tension in the car. Maybe it was the half-eaten apple in the back seat, the fact we didn’t finish our homework from the day before or the argument-about-nothing as we walked down the stairs. I could have given the kids a talking to, or sat in silence on the way to school. Instead, I fished out Yancy’s Roots for the Journey CD and sang over my kids.

Roots For the Journey at

Yup. Sang over them. I cranked up the volume enough so no one could talk and I sang. I’m not a singer, y’all. But I sang every word of those Scripture-based songs as a loud prayer over my kids.

I sang and prayed they would know God’s new mercies this morning and that they would rely on God’s joy for their strength. I sang and prayed they would remember God as their strong tower, the One who keeps them safe–“safe in His arms, safe in His hands, safe in His love that is never going to end, safe when they wake up, safe when they sleep.” I sang and prayed they would recognize God as their perfect Creator, the one who knows them and loves them just as they are.

In that short drive, on the way to school, I felt God’s presence in our car. God’s Word, put to music, was living and active in our car. I believe it was a prophetic, powerful prayer–not because I prayed it, or because Yancy recorded it. But because GOD’S WORD IS LIVING AND ACTIVE, sharper than any double-edged sword! And when we speak God’s Word (YES, SPEAK IT! OUT LOUD!) over our children, over our lives, over our husbands, our friends and family–we will see God move. We will see God’s Word for what it is–alive!

Maybe you wouldn’t belt out a song in the car, but you can walk through your kids’ rooms while they are at school and pray God’s Word over their beds and their desks. You can lay hands on their heads while they sleep and pray God’s peace, provision and power in their lives. God’s already laid out so many promises and directions in His Word. Use His words to pray for your children. Create a place of peace and comfort in your car, in your home–not just by having freshly-baked cookies when they come home, or hugs when they walk through the door–but by surrounding your children with God’s powerful, living Word!

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This reminds me, the 21 Days of Prayers for Sons begins on October 1. If you want to take an active, purposeful step in praying for your kids (specifically your boys),  join this challenge!

Also, Yancy’s Roots for the Journey is free on Amazon Prime! Or you can snag your own CD for the car on her website.

Oh! And one more thing–the Atlanta Area Truth in the Tinsel Swap Party registration is OPEN! See all the details here! Spaces are limited, so sign up quick-like, Georgia peaches!

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