I Love Me a Good Stuffed Animal

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Are your kids into stuffed animals? My kids would probably be happy if their only toys were stuffed animals. They carry them around, set them up, play with them, dump them all over the floor and sleep with them. I guess they get it honestly when I had long love for Care Bears and stuffed panda bears as a kid. (Any other Care Bear fans out there?)

Our new favorite stuffed animals are the Itty Bittys from Hallmark (holy cuteness) and the U-Neeks from Dayspring. They are just the right size to hold in your hand without having to tote an enormous kid-sized stuffed animal everywhere. I seem to find them all over the house!

The U-Neeks are super fun because each comes with a little tag full of information about the character. They all have silly names, funny hobbies and (my fave) a life verse from the Bible. Everything about the U-Neeks are based on Psalm 139:14 and how God uniquely made each of us.

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My kids think the U-Neek’s profiles are hilarious. So, they were pumped when the new (free!) U-Neeks app came out and you can make your own silly UNeek profile!

uneeks 1

OK. They may have been excited about the fun angry-birds-like games that were on the app, too. *wink*

uneeks 2

(See? I do let my kids use technology sometimes!!)

Anywhoo, after we played with the app for awhile, we decided to grab some stone-aged tools (ie. paper and markers) to make big U-Neeks profiles for ourselves! We just followed the prompts on the app (there wasn’t an option to add multiple profiles, so I did the one on the app and I let the kids use markers and paper).

uneeks profile.jpg

I love hearing what they came up with for each prompt. It’s a good exercise to see the things that make you, YOU. I don’t think my kids are quite to the point where they wonder why they are different or not as cute/funny/tall as other people but I want the foundation laid that God knows every part of them and isn’t surprised by their uniqueness (even their quirkiness)!

So, if you need a new fun app for a long road trip this summer, or a gift to cheer up your kiddos, grab some U-Neeks and remind your kid how much God loves them!! Oh, and I know  you’re wondering what my profile looked like, aren’t you? OK, here you go:

amanda uneeks.jpg

U-neek might be understatement after that profile pic. Yikes!

So, what makes you U-Neek? Tell us a little known fact about yourself!

This post is part of a sponsored campaign with Dayspring and the U-Neeks. All thoughts and words my own.


  1. OK. I’m the same way–I never liked steak until I was preggo w/Asa. I CRAVED it. French dip sandwiches were my red meat of choice, but I never turned my nose up at a filet either. YUM.


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