A Little More on the Sense of the Resurrection

You know how I said I was getting back to normal? Well, sorta. I’ve gone through about 300 emails the last few days and still am having issues with the plugin/email system that is delivering the ebooks. If you haven’t received your ebook, please email me. And please be patient as I get all this figured out!

If you’re wondering what the deal is with A Sense of the Resurrection, I’ve made a little video to help you understand how it works and my heart in writing it. This video is (*gasp*) 7 minutes but I encourage you to watch it and just be thankful because as I started talking, I realized I could have gone on for about 7 more minutes!

{subscribers click over to see the video!}

Any more questions? Ask away! I want to make this a fun and easy experience for you!



  1. Amanda….I cannot get the space to open up on the checkout page to type in my discount code. Today is 3/10 and I can’t wait to read your new EBook. Can you help me

  2. Amanda,
    So excited for Sense of the Resurrection! We are beginning our journey this week as we are anxious to begin (we are saving the bunting for the week journey prior to Easter Sunday). And I have set the ‘it’s about a lamb, not a bunny’ photo from last year out for our reminder as we walk into any store these days.
    It is wonderful to see God working through you. This is a wonderful resource as is Truth in the Tinsel! Thank you and prayers that the ebook disaster is coming to an abrupt end. I received my ebook with no problems and reassure anyone that is waiting that it is worth the wait and slight inconvenience.
    Blessings to you,

    • Amy. Your words are such an encouragement to me. Really, I have tears in my eyes!

      And I LOVE the idea of doing the activities now and the bunting later. Super.


  3. I’m still waiting to get my copy but I just listened to ur video and I hv to tell u that I sense ur passion and dedication to prayer…following the Lord’s leading in making Truth in the Tinsel and now this Sense of the Resurrection. You hv been inspiring to pray about what God has for me. I hv had a passion for curriculum and also teaching children about God’s Word. I teach chapel at a local Christian school. Thank u for helping me and other parents teach their children about Christ. Easter is def a harder topic. Thanks again and may the glory be given to Him.

  4. I just wanted to have my name added to the list waiting to receive my ebook. We are so excited to get started, thank you so much for creating this wonderful resource!

    God bless
    Tracy Kreps

  5. Debbie Coutts says:

    Hello Amanda-
    I purchased your e-book on Easter – actually I tried to purchase both ebooks, but was unable (telling you this just in case you had not heard from someone else yet). I have not yet received the book. I see that you are having trouble with the system- I have a great level of empathy for you…tech is truly a love/hate relationship for me. I am just hoping to have my name added to the list so I will receive my book once it is all figured out.

    Best of wishes, keep on writing and inspiring, and thank you.


  6. Sandy Richardson says:

    Thank you so much for the book A Sense of Resurrection. I bought it yesterday with high hopes and wow! It is exactly what I was looking for!

    I teach Sunday School ages 2-6 and Cubbies class at Awannas. I am always looking for new ways to enhance the learning of my kids, this book will meet that need very well. I love that you have addressed learning the lessons of the resurection by using the senses! I believe this way of learning improves retention of the important information.

    For the past 2 years we have used Easter Weekend to have a mini VBS, for all children 2-12 years of age. We meet on Saturday and learn about the about the week leading up to Easter then made Resurection Cookies, leaving the church oven sealed until the following day. Easter Sunday we reinacted the trip to the empty tomb after reading the Bible lesson. We keep most of the lights off in the basement of the church, we traveled as a group (sing a flashlight as a candle)toward the now open empty tomb. Each time we round the corner and see the light coming from the open tomb, it is a very awe-filled moment. The kids each enter the empty tomb and get to pick up a linen cloth with the words “He is not here, He has risen.” Matthew 28:6. Then we unseal the oven to find the Resurrection Cookies as empty as the tomb.

    I am planning on using your great book to enhance our service and keep all the children engaged, even those who have been at the Easter VBS previously.

    Thank you again for this inpiring book.

  7. Just emailed you about not receiving the book then got on here and saw this, thanks! Looking forward to using it!

  8. Stacy Reeder says:

    Was wondering how long it took to get the email to download the Sense of the Resurrection after purchasing it? I accidentally deleted the receipt of purchase but it shows on my bank statement. Thank you. So very much looking forward to starting this lesson with my children.

  9. Hey I just got the book, we have no money not even enough for bills so I have to get super creative with supplies. I wanted to share an idea for day one. I could do the oil in a jar thing so we did all the discussion and reading. We printed out the flag and sprayed it with my perfume. We are gong to hang the flags as we go so I intend to remind them to go over to the flag and smell it and remember the truth behind it. Just wanted to share incase there are people out there with out money too. Blessing on your times of teaching Mamas!

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