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After a little hiatus, it’s time for March’s monthly mission! Yipppeeee!  I am ridiculously excited about this one–I’ve been thinking about it ever since October when Eryn, Heather and I had a conversation about The Seed Company and their mission to end Bible poverty.

Bible poverty?

What in the world is that?

There are about 7000 languages in the world. About 500 of them have a completed Bible. About 300 million people with 2000 languages do not have one verse of the Bible in their native tongue.

With the amount of words I have surrounding me right now (literally, I’m in a library and there is a Braille KJV of the Bible behind me which takes up the entire shelf!) and the amount of books and magazines and reading devices (and listening devices!) I have in my house, I simply cannot fathom a community, a family, a person without the Bible somewhere close to them.

Poet David Bowden said, “Even the enemy knows to hear the Word in your heart language is to hear the Word in your heart.” When people do not have the Bible in their own language they do not get the amazing privilege of reading, loving, memorizing and knowing God’s Word.

All the things we talk about on this blog–memorizing Scripture, making it relatable to children, modeling what Jesus’ teaches and even finding Bible-based resources is not even a thing for 300 million people!

I’m not OK with that.

It’s hard to compare “Bible poverty” with actual food-and-water-and-health-care poverty. But can I tell you it’s just as real and just as deadly? You can’t tell a hungry child about God and not feed him but what a tragedy to feed a child and then not tell him about Jesus!

So, I want my kids to know about this Bible poverty. And I want them to do something about it.

And I want you to join us.

My friend Heather from Cultivated Lives (I’ve told you about her lots of times–she’s a super woman) is joining me this month to raise…wait for it…$1000 for accelerated Bible translation with the Seed Company. That $1000 will technically only get 38 verses of Scripture. But in the spiritual realm, in someone’s heart, in a community’s life it will do much more.

Join the #monthlymission to raise $1000 and #endBiblePoverty! // ohAmanda.com

Here’s what we’re going to do:

1. My kids and I are going to memorize Psalm 119:9-16 (NIrV).

How can a young person keep his life pure?
    By living in keeping with your word.
I trust in you with all my heart.
    Don’t let me wander away from your commands.
I have hidden your word in my heart
    so that I won’t sin against you.
Lord, I give praise to you.
    Teach me your orders.
With my lips I talk about
    all of the decisions you have made.
Following your covenant laws gives me joy
    just as great riches give joy to others.
I spend time thinking about your rules.
    I consider how you want me to live.
I take delight in your orders.
I won’t fail to obey your word.

I think it’s perfect for realizing the amazing power of God’s Word.

2. For each verse the kids memorize my husband and I are going to pay them $2. So, if they memorize all 8 verses, they will earn $16. So, $16 x 2= $32 from my pocket. Not much, really.

3. This money will go directly to our End Bible Poverty Campaign on the Seed Company’s website. If 31 kids do this exact same thing we’re doing, we’d raise $1000 right away!

4. I am also going to talk to my parents and my in-laws and see if they will match that money if my kids’ memorize it and say it out loud for them. (This would be really hard for my shy daughter!)

5. To help my kids’ memorize, my friend Maureen from Spell Outloud has generously created some awesome coloring sheets! Each coloring sheet has a picture that goes along with the verse and the Scripture on the bottom. I’m going to use them to keep track of our progress. We’ll color one, hang it up and work on that one until we get it. Then add another one but each time saying all the verses together. (Does that make sense?)

Will you join us?

First, head over to our campaign page to learn about the Seed Company and our campaign…wait! I forgot to tell you! We get to pick who this money, these Scriptures will benefit! It’s the Tagasa Cluster in Southeast Asia.

Screen Shot 2014-03-01 at 2.22.51 PM

There are over 130,000 people there that speak 4 different languages! The money our children raise will go to these people and these languages! (Read more about the Tagasa Cluster here.)

If you’re ready:

1. Go to our campaign page. Click around. Get to know The Seed Company. Specifically, check out their YouTube channel. (Whew. This one is amazing. And this one.)

2. Download the Psalm 119:9-16 coloring sheets.

psalm 119 coloring sheet graphic pin

click the graphic to download

3. Talk to your kids about The Seed Company, about Bible poverty and the people of the Tagasa Cluster.

4. Start memorizing.

5. When you’re done, donate the money earned on our campaign page.

monthly mission donate page.jpg

6. Come back here and tell us how you and your kids did!

7. Share your progress on your favorite social media site with the hashtag #monthlymission and #endbiblepoverty.

Wheee! I cannot wait for this! Our kids will learn about the power of God’s Word and people in Southeast Asia will have God’s Word in their heart language for the very first time!

Oh, and don’t forget to check out Heather’s post today, she shares some great information about memorization techniques for kids. (She’s kind of a genius.)

Who’s in?!!


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  1. “You can’t tell a hungry child about God and not feed him but what a tragedy to feed a child and then not tell him about Jesus!” Yes – We should be concerned with BOTH. Giving the food that satisfies now can be the gateway to inviting them to eat the food that will end hunger forever! So excited to raise money to help fight this kind of poverty with you and your children!

  2. Our family is in to do this with you along with my friend and her family! We are also going to see about our kids first grade class participating! What are deadlines for money???

  3. As soon as I get paid for a blog thing I will be coming back to donate! It’s just so dang HARD to think about all the needs – physical and spiritual and emotional – that are out there. We had friends in Nashville who are now in Cameroon raising their kids and translating with Wycliffe. Once they said, “You know, it’s 30 years of our lives. That seems like a long time to our parents and sometimes to us. But to those people who will be able to read the Bible, it is PRICELESS.”

  4. Stacy Montgomery says:

    I’ve been thinking for months now how to incorporate missions back into our family, our homeschool and, our little girls hearts! This is it! Our new project to be Jesus’ hands and feet begins tomorrow!!!

  5. Just donated! Our kids are not old enough to memorize but this really spoke to us. Thanks for sharing!

  6. Go to How to Memorize Verbatim text Productivity 501and see a method the I’ve found very helpful in helping children memorize.


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