A Big MishMash of Proverbs

Lots of fun Proverbs resources for #whooswise with ohAmanda.com

I posted on Facebook the other day that I’ve been scouring the internet for good kids’ resources related to Proverbs. You’d think it would be easy to find as Proverbs are so visual and full of concrete images.

Alas, all I’ve found is a few self-published Bible studies (read: not-super-cute illustrations and I’d need some really great recommendations to spend money on them) and one picture book. Seriously. How is that possible?!

I’m guessing there are more out there but they just aren’t marketed as Proverbs, it just happens to be based on Proverbs. (Like The Dragon and the Turtle which is based on Proverbs 17:17 but isn’t mentioned in the book.)

Then, I remembered (Doh!) about What’s in the Bible?! Good grief! How many times have I sang it’s praises on this blog? But I didn’t even have the Proverbs episode (I think we have volumes 1-6) so I had to order it *gasp* and wait for it to come in the mail *double gasp*.

Anywhoo, we watched it yesterday and it was fabulous. The episode actually covers Job, Psalms, Proverbs, Ecclesiastes and Song of Songs. It didn’t have any teaching on specific Proverbs, but as WITB always does, teaches about the Bible—why it was written the way it was, who wrote it and how to use it. My two takeaways were: the difference between being wise and being smart; and that Proverbs aren’t promises but principles. And of course, country-western songs…


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Honestly, my favorite part of the entire episode was actually the segment on Song of Songs. I was nervous watching it with an 8 and 5 year old but it was perfect. They focused on marriage between a man and a woman and how romantic love is strong–so strong we should use wisdom when considering it. Super smart.

Along with this What’s in the Bible? viewing, I also wanted to continue our Proverbs-study in diligence (remember the popcorn?)  by revisiting a verse we learned 4 years ago. (FOUR YEARS?!)  Although my kids’ understand diligence, it’s still something we struggle with every day (maybe it’s me? maybe I’m the one that needs to work on diligence?!). I feel like I’m always saying, “Guys, this isn’t that hard. Just pick up your toys in your room and put them where you know they go!”

Sometimes the kids will say, “OK, we’ll be fast. Fast as a cheetah!” (This is one of Asa’s favorite sayings, “fast as a cheetah”.) And I’ll say, “No. I don’t want you to just be fast. I want you to be diligent and focused!” And then they say, “OK. Fast as a cheetah and focused as an ant!” I promise you they came up with that on their own.

And where did they get it from? From the verse we learned four years ago:

You people who don’t want to work, think about the ant! Consider its ways and be wise! Proverbs 6:6

We also made a sweet mural to go with this verse. Here’s a picture of it from FOUR YEARS ago…

Lots of fun Proverbs resources for #whooswise with ohAmanda.com

Ack! HOW CUTE WERE MY KIDS?!!! Here’s the full post to see the whole post and learn Proverbs 6:6 with motions!

{Oooh, you could even add some thumbrpint owls to watch over the ants!}

{And oh, oh! I just remembered, make sure you check over here on Monday because we’re getting back to our Monthly Missions and I cannot wait for this one! Yippee!}

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  1. My kids love that volume of What’s in the Bible – they like where “Bucktember” sings to himself in the mirror. Thus we’ve seen it more than the others, and I think as usual Phil Vischer does an exceptional job explaining why these books are important. I always learn a lot from the videos, too!

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