Foolish and Wise, Fun and Annoying

Fun Lego activity to teach the difference between the foolish and the wise! // part of the #whooswise series at

I am writing this from my husband’s iPad. I figure it will take me three times as long to get this post written as I am doing the one-finger-hen-peck method of typing. And moving the cursor? Seriously, my pea-sized brain (or maybe my gigantor fingers?!) just cannot do it!

And why I am I using the iPad? Because my laptop died. DIED!! The battery has been dead for awhile so I have been toting the cord around to keep it juiced. The day after I got back from our cruise (that was the big adventure I told you about and if you follow me in Instagram you’d have seen some of my magical pics!) the computer just stopped working. I thought maybe I didn’t have it plugged in. So, I made sure the cord was plugged in and started the computer again. It died within 2 minutes. *gasp* I told you I’d get the next Whoo’s Wise post up! *choke* What’s that?  Your kids are begging to do another activity?! *faint* What? You are ready to hunt me down and unsubscribe from my blog because I haven’t posted?!

Ok. Maybe not.  But I still felt bad.

Oh, and did I mention we got snowed in? Snowed in in Georgia?! Oh, and I lost my driver’s license. AND we can’t get the tag for our new-to-us car because of a too-long story that involves the tag office closing?! So how in the world can I get to the Apple store in the snow without a tag or driver’s license?! (I can’t make this stuff up.)

Whew. These are the things that keep me up at night.

So, where were we? Oh yeah, Whoo’s Wise! I had this great craft and activity all ready to go when suddenly something else jumped in front: Lydia’s school. She is reading all kinds of fun chapter books this year. And with each book, she answers questions and does a little packet about the chapters.



This week’s book is Cam Jensen: The Snowy Day Mystery. It’s just a typical kids book, nothing special. But Lydia’s school teacher wrote a devotional for every chapter! And this devotion was straight out of Proverbs and all about the foolish and the wise!

We’ll, I couldn’t pass this up, so we turned a school assignment into a family devotion! The chapter was about a little boy who was being too silly and annoying everyone. (Hmmm…have my kids ever done that? Or maybe laughed in my face when I tell them to stop being silly? No way!)

The focal Scripture was Proverbs 15:2

The tongues of wise people use knowledge well. But the mouths of fools pour out foolish words.

We talked about this for a little bit—how occasionally they get so silly their mouths just can’t stop the crazy talk and foolish behavior. They seemed to get it. Then, I had a good idea. We grabbed 2 cups and filled them with Legos.

Fun Lego activity to teach the difference between the foolish and the wise! // part of the #whooswise series at

I asked them how they liked to play with Legos–pick them up off the floor OR build something fun. Of course, they said build!

Fun Lego activity to teach the difference between the foolish and the wise! // part of the #whooswise series at

So, I had Lydia pour one cup out on top of Asa’s head! (No special reason for the head–it just seemed fun! Notice Asa kept his hood on!)) We talked about how foolish words and actions make a giant mess just like these Legos AND they eliminate any fun and intended blessings.

Fun Lego activity to teach the difference between the foolish and the wise! // part of the #whooswise series at

Then, I let them take the second cup—wisdom and spend a few minutes building. You should have seen them jump to start playing. While they worked I reminded them how much more fun it was to play with something the way it was intended.

We repeated the verse a few times as they built and I even changed the verse around to help connect it in their brains again, “The hands of wise people play with Legos the right way. But foolish people pour them out and make a mess.” OK, so it’s not exactly inspired but it helped them make the connection– our words and actions need to be used correctly with wisdom. When we get silly and foolish it’s like pouring a big mess on the floor!

So, when was the last time your kids made a giant mess? (I’ll answer in the comments!)


  1. So, the kids’ mess? Asa accidentally pulled over a shelf in our craft closet. I’m kind of a hoarder when it comes to craft supplies so I want you to imagine wiggly eyes, rubber bands, brads, foam, tacks, ribbon, confetti and more pouring from said closet. Let’s put it this way: we have not done school in the playroom for like 2 weeks bc I cannot bear to clean that insane mess up.

  2. Any way I can get a copy of that devotional book???

  3. YES!! I wondered if I could get the devo for the kids book as well. And I truly understand computer issues. So right there with you on that one!

  4. Would love a copy of that devotional book too!

  5. I’d love a copy of the devotional too! Thank you!

  6. Gay Koenemann says:

    9 February 2014
    Dear Amanda White,
    I wanted to write to you to tell you how deeply grateful I am for your creativity and willingness to share your gifts with others. From time to time at our American Protestant Church in Bonn-Bad Godesberg, Germany, I am asked to do “Time With Children.” I do not consider Children’s Ministry to be my gift and am always nervous when my turn comes up. This time around my verses were Mark 2: 1-2, so, as usual, I went into the internet searching for ideas and inspiration. I found you!

    Your video of the Mark 2 story captivated me! I was bowled over by the number of visual aids you’d created out of four strips of paper and a few brads. I borrowed your idea and did Time With Children this morning (not with the same grace and authority you do, but good enough). Not only did the kids love it, but the entire congregation was engaged with and impressed by it. I made sure to tell every single person who commented on my presentation that the idea belonged to you and the glory to God.

    Thank you so much, Amanda. I am going to pass along the URLs for your video of Mark 2 and your website to every person I can think of who is involved in Children’s Ministry or who might know people who are. Your creativity and willingness to share your gifts is truly a blessing.

    Thank you and may God bless you and your family in new and surprising ways in 2014.

    With warm greetings from the Rhine Valley,
    Gay Koenemann
    Koenigswinter, Germany

  7. We are loving the Whoo’s Wise!! Thank you, thank you, thank you!!! Is the devotional book available?

  8. This is Great! Thank you so much for taking the time to do this series! Is the devotional book available?

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