ohChristmas *and* a Best Bible Book

Most mornings the kids watch a TV show while they eat breakfast. Since Christmas time is here, we have been watching Christmas movies! Our favorites are The Very First Noel, Boz and Classic Mickey Christmas Cartoons. We watched a new DVD today from Animated Stories from the Bible called The King is Born.

These DVDs have been around for a long time. I remember watching them when I was a kid! I looked through the website and there are so many movies–probably 50! They have also done a lot of famous historical figures–and I just remembered the kids watched (and loved) the Abraham Lincoln movie on our ohRV trip!

Anywhoo. The movie is definitely straight from the Bible but there is an element of fiction to it. In The King is Born the dramatic plot line was that King Herod had heard about a new King being born and was worried for his throne. So, there is a scene of a spy listening in on Anna and Simeon at the temple and the Roman soldiers running through Bethlehem looking for all the baby boys. (It wasn’t scary but the kids were super serious.)

What I liked about it is it really showed the whole story of Jesus’ birth including wise men coming to a house (not a stable) to see Jesus, Anna and Simeon in the temple (which goes perfectly with Day 23 of Truth in the Tinsel!) and Mary and Joseph in Egypt. The only downside is that they are a little old-fashioned (if cartoons can be old-fashioned) just because they are kind of slow and the animation is old–or maybe it’s just weird because they are so white! (But I kinda like slow cartoons. Don’t you think our kids need some slowing down?!)

Here’s a clip if you wanna see it:

The kids really enjoyed watching The King is Born today and when it was over they said, “We want to watch more!” I just love it when they love Bible stories! These would be fun to own especially if you were reading through the Bible together or if your kids have a favorite Bible story. I’ve got the Easter-ish videos and can’t wait to watch them during our Resurrection Day activities!

You can buy these on Amazon or go to Christmas-Videos.com and you can get 4 movies about Jesus birth, life, death and resurrection for $34.95. They’d be a good stocking stuffer!

So, are you so impressed that I mashed up ohChristmas and my Best Bible book series? This is one of those things I got as a PR pitch right in the middle of planning for the Bible series so I knew it was a good one to share. And yeah, I know it’s not a book, per se. But neither is What’s in the Bible? or SuperBook. All I know is I want my kids to love experiencing and enjoying the Bible. And these DVDs are a fun way to do it!

Can I also reiterate how important I think it is that you give your kids some good God-centered, Bible-based Christmas gifts this year? Go back through my whole 31 Days series or the Gift Guide from yesterday and let your kids know God’s Word is important!

Are you giving your kids a God-centered gift this year? What is it? Leave a comment and let us know!


Best Bible books for kids

Affiliate links included. Animated Stories from the Bible provided me with these DVDs to facilitate a review. Opinions my own.


  1. During the season…we bought and are using the Fisher Price Little People Nativity Set; we are gifting the Fisher Price Little People Noah’s Ark Set.

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