A Puppy and a Book

Have I told you about Puppygeddon?

That would be the name to the last week of my life. My husband and I are not dog people. I’m not really an animal person period. But our kids wanted a dog. It feels like an American, be-a-real-kid thing to do. Every kid needs a dog, right?

Well, a guy in our CrossFit gym had some full-blooded English Terriers he was giving away for free and we just had a moment of insanity and decided to bring one home to the kids. Meet Captain Jack Sparrow, better known as Jack.

Don’t let his sweet little face fool you. We’ve been up in the middle of the night, slomping (not a word, but should be) through the mud to make sure he goes potty and pulling his teeth off of the kids’ shoelaces for the past week and y’all WHY DIDN’T YOU TELL ME?! Having a puppy is like having the crazy out-of-controlness of a newborn baby only without the love and sweet smiles. 

Coupled with my niece spending the night, a field trip to downtown Atlanta, teaching a preschool Bible story at the staff meeting at our church (Yeah, ever led worship in front of your worship leader? Or told a Bible story in front of your pastor? Not scary at all), finding lice in Lydia’s hair again and the first week of Truth in the Tinsel, I am utterly exhausted!

Why am I telling you this? I don’t know. I just have to tell someone! Maybe you’ll leave me a virtual pat on the shoulder or tip on how to keep puppies from biting?

The actual reason I opened up this post was to tell you about a new Bible storybook. (Yup, part of the “31 Days“. You see how that’s in quotes, right?) I bought this one because I listened to the author, Marty Machowski on Tricia Goyer’s podcast one time and really enjoyed his story. (I honestly can’t remember much of it right now but was determined to buy the book afterwards!)

Gospel Story Bible by Mary Machowski // part of the Best Bible Story Books for Kids at ohAmanda.com

The Gospel Bible is a really nice hardback with some cool, geometric modern-y kind of illustrations. The premise of the book is similar to the Jesus Storybook Bible in that every story points to Jesus. But instead of fictionalized accounts of the stories, this book tells more detailed factual accounts, including quotes from the Bible.

Gospel Story Bible by Mary Machowski // part of the Best Bible Story Books for Kids at ohAmanda.com

Asa reading about Shadrach, Meschach and Abednego for “F is for Fire” week in homeschool.

Each story is only one page but the passages are pretty long and end with a paragraph or two relating the Jesus connection. Two takeaways as I’ve read this one:

1- You really need to read it in order like a book, not pick and choose stories as you like. The author refers back to other stories and everyone feels like a continuation of the last. I really like that in a Bible storybook (even though we haven’t done that yet!).

2. This one is a little bit….I hate to say this…dry. I mean, it’s not boring at all. I’ve read several of them to the kids and they enjoyed them. I guess it reads a little more like a devotional than a storybook. So, this isn’t a bad thing–I actually like the feel of the book. Just don’t get it thinking you’re getting a warm and fuzzy night-night story.

Gospel Story Bible by Mary Machowski // part of the Best Bible Story Books for Kids at ohAmanda.com

Overall, I’m digging The Gospel Story Bible. After Christmas and when I can get a handle on doing Something Important with the kids, I’d like to read this book over lunch or during homeschool because I would love to go through all the stories straight through.

So, read any good dog books lately?



Best Bible books for kids

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  1. What you describe is exactly why I don’t want to ever get a pet. But I too, feel like its just a kid thing to have a dog, just not enough to give in yet! :)

  2. You are a brave and nice mom to get your kids a dog! Our kids don’t like dogs, and I’m secretly very thankful!

    I’m double sorry that Lydia got lice again! When we had it, we got it twice in a row, too…horrifying! In case you need some prevention ideas, here’s a post a wrote at back to school time about what I do to prevent it…so far so good :) http://goodbadquirky.blogspot.com/2013/08/the-four-letter-word.html

  3. HI,

    Well, you are a crazy lady and you did exactly what I did and we bought a labradoodle (big) because she was cute, and small at that time. For the chewing thing go to the butcher and ask for a good strong marrow bone for your puppy. If you have a crate for training put it in with Jack and lock him in for a while everyday so he can chew, chew, chew. Good luck and be consistent in training make sure Jack has a place to go to that is just Jack’s spot. If you train early you will have a great dog who will listen. Be the Alpha dog. When all else fails watch the movie up and smile and laugh at “Doug the dog”. My family loves Doug.

    • LOL! Good idea!

      We still haven’t found something he likes to chew yet. I think everything we’ve bought is too big—and all those bones are so expensive. Good grief! I had no idea dog-supplies were so expensive!


  4. Dear Amanda! Oh puppy training is the hardest! I wish I could give you tips to make it easier, but I believe it just takes time. Our lab is 8 now, and boy do we have some puppy stories…but now she is such a faithful friend and is awesome with the kids…totally worth it! Love the name too!

    • I hope I can make it through! I told my husband last night, “I’d trade that dog for a newborn baby in a heartbeat. At least you love a baby!” ;)


  5. Bully sticks. Found at farm supply stores (Tractor Supply) for much less than petsmart.
    To potty train hang a bell from the door and every time you take Jack out use his nose to ring bell. Before long he will associate bell with outside.
    We had a magnificent idea to get a puppy two years ago and it was in December. We made it through and my boys are great at responsibilities with him.
    Glad you vented and so glad you write your blog. Prayers for a much smoother week ahead!

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