The Super Superbook!

Today’s book isn’t exactly a book but I think it fits perfectly with our 31 days series

Did you watch Superbook when you were little? It was a Christian kids TV show from the 80’s about two little kids and a robot who fell into Bible stories and experienced them first hand.

Original Superbook TV Show 80's // part of a #31days series at


And it was Japanimation. Super cool, right? Well, a few months ago, my mom brought the kids a DVD of Superbook only it’s been redone with computer animation and it is amazing!

the new Superbook TV show


The way it works is you join the Superbook DVD club and pay $25 per episode and a new episode comes out every 4-6 weeks. What’s cool is that you get 2 additional DVDs to share with friends (which is how we got one from my mom–she ordered it and we get the benefits!).

I’ve watched the Daniel and the Lions’ Den episode and part of the Last Supper (or maybe it was Jesus is Alive). The Daniel in the Lions’ Den was pretty awesome–very exciting and it had a practical, modern story for the kids, too.

The Last Supper DVD had Satan in it and he was kind of like a Transformer with armor on. Lydia did not like it, so we didn’t watch it all. It was a little scary. These shows are not for preschoolers. I’d definitely say it’s geared to elementary and older elementary.

Yesterday, as I was researching for this post, I went to the Superbook website and now I’m really impressed with Superbook! Each episode has it’s own page with the complete Scripture, a video clip, a devotion and games. I did the devotion with Lydia (ok, I did it, she just watched) and was really excited–it even had a typing/memorization game.

Again, this is for older kids but I really think it’s well thought out and full of actual Scripture–not silly games just to have some games. (I think there are silly games, too but the Bible part is super cool.) You need to go poke around on the site, even if you don’t have the videos, you could really use the website with your kids. (Oh, and there is an app, too. I haven’t looked at that yet!)

If you have older kids who are into movies and computers, I think Superbook would be a fabulous addition to your Bible-reading and devotions. Here’s a YouTube video preview to show you more…

Cool, right?

Best Bible books for kids

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  1. We Love The new Superbook! Our boys are only 6 but ask every month if their new DVD is in the mail. We own a handful and watch them a lot. It’s super cute because when we read the bible they will remember it as a visual in the movie. “Oooooo like in Superbook”. It sticks to their hearts and minds! :o)

  2. Whaaaaaaat??? Superbook is still around? I still have the VHS from when I was a kid. They’ve been great for our super hot summer months when the boys are getting stir-crazy and I don’t want them tearing up the house or romping around in the 115 degree weather.

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