Monthly Mission {August}

atlanta childrens museum

my niece, Asa and Lydia painting at the Children’s Museum

Oh my, did I mention it’s been crazy around here? My sister-in-law and her five kids are in town. So, we went to the Atlanta History Center and the Atlanta Children’s Museum this week. Whew. I’m tired.

On top of this, I leave for the Declare Conference tomorrow. TOMORROW. Oh my word, I’m so nervous. Why am I so nervous?!!

And. When I get back, I’ve got my teacher meeting at school, open house and then voila–the first day of school on Wednesday! Yikes!

All that to say, we’re gonna take a little break from our Monthly Missions in August. But NEVER FEAR! We are not taking a break from leading our kids to do hard things! I’ve got a great resource to share with you to help you lead your kids in serving and giving to others. Kristen, from Celebrate Every Day With Me has the most perfect ebook ever called, Teach Me To Serve: 99 Ways Preschoolers Can Learn to Serve and Bless Others. Don’t you love that title already?!

Here’s the thing–these Monthly Missions are just about setting up experiences for your kids. It’s not about raising $45 to send to a missionary. What we’re really doing in these Monthly Missions is training our kids, helping our kids practice to be servants. Kristen says in her book (and I so agree), “as I practice developing a servant’s heart, I am noticing that not only does it come more easily, but I am looking for opportunities to serve. “

This is what I want for my kids–to have been practicing be a servant for so long that they begin to look for ways to serve. I want them to grow their servant’s heart just as they grow in knowledge and health.

Teach Me To Serve has 99 simple ideas for your kids to serve their family, siblings, church, community and more. But it’s more than just a list. Every activity has been chosen to help develop compassion and love in your child. And these ideas aren’t just for preschoolers, of course! You can use these ideas to springboard ideas for your older kids, too.

So, friends, your mission for August is to snag a copy of Teach Me To Serve. After you download your copy–read the first two chapters to get your heart inspired and then choose one or two of the activities to do with your kids! When you’ve done ’em, let us know! Update it on your favorite Social Media site with the hashtag #MonthlyMission and then link it up on our Monthly Mission page!

Thank you, Kristen for your book and fabulous ideas!

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  1. Got it! Thanks for sharing.

  2. Well, how can I refuse an offer like that! eBook has been purchased…I should be working, but I gotta take a sneak peek! ha!

    thanks for sharing.

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