Music App for Kids

Remember Roots for the Journey? My new favorite CD from Yancy?

Well, what I did not tell you about Roots for the Journey is that Yancy has pulled together some amazing people to expand this CD to more than just music. I’m so excited to give you a brief preview of the Roots for the Journey app!
roots for the journey app

On the app you can view the lyrics, watch a video of Yancy explaining the story or Scripture behind the song, see the Scripture the song is based on, read a devotional based on the song written by Children’s and Family Pastors from around the country, follow conversation starting questions for you and your kids, do a kid-friendly activity for hands-on understanding of the message and say prayers for parents and kids.

Y’all! How cool is that?! It’s like a giant devotional book curriculum FOR FREE.

I think it’s a brilliant way to get God’s Word into the hearts and minds of families around the world.

 ps: Just realized I only linked to iTunes above. Here’s the android link!


  1. I would love to be apart of this! I sent the email to Just to check, is that correct? Because the email link actually opened

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