The Legacy of 100

A few weeks my children’s ministry type friends were at the Orange Conference. I’ve been to and posted about it several times because it’s exactly my heart–the church and parents working together. It helps churches equip and empower parents to raise their kids for the Lord. After all, churches get one day a week, while parents get six!

As I was watching the Instagram stream, I saw many people posting pictures like this…

legacy app

Those numbers are the weeks, days, hours minutes and seconds I have until my children graduate. Basically, Orange released an app where you enter your kids’ birthdate or graduation date so you can see how long you have to influence your kids.

I know those numbers look big, but when I thought about only 500-600 weeks with my kids, I was overwhelmed. 500 is not a big number. If I only make one memory with my kids a week, that’s only 500 memories. That’s only 500 great seeds to plant in my kids’ heart. As an eternal super-parent-wanna-be, I think I’d love for my kids to walk away with more than 500 gifts from me.

I didn’t want those numbers to be a fleeting idea for me. So, I decided to make some lists. Because making lists is what I do.

I divided it up and began five different lists:

100 Places I Want To Take My Kids

100 Scriptures I Want My Kids To Know

100 Lessons I Want My Kids To Learn

100 Books I Want My Kids To Read

100 Things I Want My Kids To Be Able To Do

Just picking the titles of the lists were an exercise. I’ve only started on one of the lists and it’s a big undertaking. But as I think on the titles and the lists, it makes me evaluate how purposeful my parenting is–am I loving, leading, discipling and modeling to make these 500 events/gifts/experiences happen? Even though I know I can’t do every single solitary thing on these lists, it reminds me of what I really want for my kids.

So, click the graphics below to see my lists (I’ll be updating this page with my lists).

100 places i want to take my kids

100 scriptures i want my kids to memorize

I’ll be updating all my lists in the next few days and weeks. I’d love for you to join me in this exercise. Grab the Legacy app (for apple or android) or just get a calculator and figure it out yourself. Then, take my list titles or make up your own. Now start writing!

So, how much longer do you have with your kids?



  1. Oh how inspiring. I’m a list-girl too! And this is inspiring!!!!!!

  2. Glenda says:

    First of all, love your #2 ( I am a huge fan! I have all the DVDs and books) followed by #4,5 and 6. Haha!! How about a nursing home for #75.

    • Nursing home is a good one! That’s the other good thing about this exercise–you can see the imbalance in where you want to go and what you want to do.

      (We’re actually going to one of Laura Ingalls’ homes this summer, that’s why it was at the top of the list!)


  3. I’m loving this post. Off to join you in this.

  4. I’m at 347. Over halfway done. I look at who she’s becoming and am blessed with all that has occurred in the first half. Already praying hard for the second half. Am realizing that the older she’s getting the more strategic I’m having to be with our time, because things just don’t “happen” like they used to.

    • That’s it, Kathy! You have all these grand plans in your mind but if you want them to happen you have to DO it b/c they won’t just “happen”.

      You always inspire me w/your purposefulness!


  5. I go to an Orange church. (Springbrook Community in Plainfield, IL) My kids are now 21, 20 and 16. They are all still home, but this will be the last year I can say that. My minutes, hours and seconds have slipped away quickly. These lists are amazing. Maybe I will make them in retrospect to see what I have done. Maybe I will think of lists that reflect my role as a parent to adult and growing children. Amy

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