And the Circle Won’t Be Broken…

My kids love puzzles. So much so, that we actually had to do a big declutter session with our puzzles. They wanted to keep all those chunky wooden puzzles they played with as 2 year olds. It was a major ordeal and they came up with all kinds of reasons we should keep EVERY. SINGLE. ONE. Well, after I finally pried their hands off of them, what do we get in the mail today from my friend Katie?

A puzzle.

But this isn’t any puzzle. It’s a circle! And!! It’s an Armor of God puzzle! 

It’s actually three puzzles in one–the middle circle is large pieces and shows a picture of a soldier, the second circle is a bit smaller with pictures of each individual piece of armor and the third circle are even tinier pieces with the entire Armor of God passage (Ephesians 6:10-18) around it.

armor of god puzzle

Lydia and I (and Asa, for about 4 pieces) put it all together this afternoon and I’m pretty sure we had the entire passage memorized by the time we were done!

armor of god puzzle

The kids love doing puzzles and I loved reading, talking and focusing on Ephesians 6:1-10 for an hour or so while we put it together. It was like we were meditating on the Scripture. (I’m not exagerrating. We were practically quoting it!)

armor of god puzzle

Lydia, my flexible ballerina, reading the entire passage after we put the puzzle together!

It made me think it might be fun to do the same thing with Scriptures I want them to learn. But of course, I don’t think I could design and create a circle puzzle!

Then I remembered a Bible verse scavenger hunt I did with the kids one time. I hid pieces of a Bible verse but since neither of them could read, I used pictures to help them remember the verse. Anyway, that inspired me to make the same idea with a little bit of a puzzle twist.

hebrews 11 1 puzzle

I whipped these little puzzles for our Shield of Faith verse, Hebrews 11:1 after the kids went to bed tonight. I’m going to let them have a go at it in the morning and see how they like it.

Whaddya’ think?

Do your kids love puzzles?

{This puzzle was from Blessings Unlimited now called Mary and Martha but it looks like they don’t make them anymore. Sad face.}



  1. I love this puzzle idea!! My kids are puzzle fanatics too, & this sounds like an excellent tool for adding more scripture study to our days. Thanks!

  2. amy murray says:

    You have some really great finds! Thanks for taking the time to share them, my boys are a bit older but I’m always looking for great ideas to weave into our homeschooling. And thank you for being so real and steadfast in your faith, I truly enjoy reading your posts.

  3. We LOVE these puzzles…seriously. We have three of them.

    Love getting to focus on Scripture while their little hands are busy.

    Glad you are enjoying it! (And, thanks for the shout-out!)

    • I can’t find this puzzle on the Blessings Unlimited site… is it not available anymore? 🙁

      • Blessings Unlimited just changed to I wonder if it’s not available anymore? 🙁


        • Thanks for replying. I checked their catalog and it looks like it’s not there anymore. Bummer! I tried googling it by title too, but didn’t find it anywhere.
          By the way, I LOVE your ideas and recommendations. Someday I’ll write to you and tell you how meaningful your Easter ideas and Truth in the Tinsel have been to us (as well as MANY other things you’ve blogged about). You have SO helped me in my pursuit to make Jesus real for my kids. I started reading your blog when you were “Impress Your Kids” a couple years ago. But for now, just know that I am thankful I found your site and have been blessed by you! 🙂

  4. I tried to click on the site to check out the Armor of God circle puzzle and it sent me to Mary and Martha and I needed a consultant code to enter. What is that?? You referred to the site as Katie’s Blessings Unlimited.

    Thanks for your help

    • Oooh, I don’t really know. It is from Mary & Martha which is like a Tupperware/Thirty-one thing. Maybe they don’t even sell it anymore?? That would be a bummer! I’m sorry!



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