Ready for the eBook Library?!

I told you it was coming and it’s here! Are you ready to jump headfirst into ebooks? Are you ready to access an entire library of homemaking resources?

The Ultimate Homemaking eBook Bundle is here.

If you’re already sold and don’t even care what I have to say about it and you just wanna buy it, you can just but it.

But if you wanna know more, I thought I’d tell you which books I already own in the bundle and if I really think they are worth it. Ready?

One Bite at a Time: 52 Projects for Making Life Simpler by Tsh @ Simple Mom

Remember when I said how ebooks are like highly concentrated versions of a blogger’s site? This book is the perfect example. Tsh takes 52 projects (one for each week) and gently leads you through them. Things like meal planning, decluttering, getting out of debt, planning for the holidays and even getting more sleep.

As with everything Tsh does, it’s a simple, practical book with clean design. If you are a step-by-step, check-off-the-list, I-need-someone-to-hold-my-hand kinda person, this is the book for you!

28 Days to Hope for your Home by Dana @ A Slob Comes Clean

OK. I. LOVE. THIS. BOOK. First of all, it is hilarious. Yes, a clean-your-house book that made me cry I was laughing to hard. Just read her description and if you are a slob-minded person (like me), you’ll want this one: “If you’ve ever wondered how someone could sleep at night knowing there were dirty dishes in the sink . . . . DON’T buy this e-book. If, at the end of a long day, you mindlessly put your dirty clothes in the laundry hamper and hang your jacket neatly in the closet . . . DON’T buy this e-book. If you’ve never experienced heart palpitations at the sound of an unexpected doorbell . . . DON’T buy this e-book.”

Right?! Do you LOVE IT?!

Raising Rock Stars — Kindergarten Bundle by Carissa @ 1plus1plus1equals1

OK. I actually did not own this one. But as I stalk Carisa’s website regularly, I think I’m pretty much an expert on her and how awesome she is. This is a homeschool resource that would be perfect for family devotions and any kind of get-ready-for-school kinda stuff you’d like to do with your kids.




K4 Curriculum by Erica @ Confessions of a Homeschooler

I bought this for Asa this year. It includes so many resources, it’s not even funny. There are probably 10 activities for each letter of the alphabet including puzzles, writing helps and more. We haven’t used it as a base curriculum, but use it to supplement all the time. Lydia loves it, too!




The Dig for Kids: Luke (Volumes 1 and 2) by Patrick, husband of Ruth @ The Better Mom

I did a review of the first volume of The Dig. So, I’m excited the 2nd volume is included. This is a simple verse by verse devotional of Luke for you and your kids. I love it because it was written for the author’s children—he actually did the devotion with his kids before he gave it to us. <–you know how I feel about that!



Tell Your Time by Amy @ Blogging with Amy

This is a book I should probably read every year. Amy is one of the smartest women in the blogosphere. Her blog is full of such insight and practical tips for blogging. Her ebook, though, is full of insight and practical tips for ordering YOUR LIFE! This book is so good, she had editors knocking down her door to publish  it. But she turned them down to keep this book short, quick to read, cheap and easily accessible for you. (Golly, I love her!)





Family Camping Handbook by Katie @ Kitchen Stewardship

If you want to move beyond hotdogs, chips and marshmallows on your next camp-out, this book will show you how. Katie not only gives whole food recipes, but first-time family camping tips and strategies.




Plan a Fabulous Party by Mary @ Giving Up on Perfect

Y’all know how I feel about a good party. Mary’s got you covered from invites to themes. (OK, so I wrote the chapter about themes. But isn’t’ that just another reason to want this book?!)





Love Like Him: an 8 week Inductive Bible study on 1 Corinthians 13 and Kept: a 13-Week Inductive Study on 1 Peter by Lara and Katie @ Quench Bible

These are two of our #hellomornings Bible studies. I love Katie and Lara’s approach to Bible study–they really want to equip you to study God’s Word for yourself.




Entangled: Recognize Your Emotional Affair by Amy @ Amy J. Bennett

Amy is one of my favorite people. And this ebook, about her emotional affair is so brave, so beautiful and a must read for every marriage.





How to Have Your Cake and Eat It, Too by Mandi @ Life Your Way

Mandi is another one of my bloggy heroes. She’s smart, capable and a go-getter. If you work at home, or would like to work at home or just want to get more done at home, you need to read Mandi’s insights.
I think this is another one I should read every year. Rachel takes the simple lifestyle and applies it to blogging. I really can’t describe how lovely this book is. Every blogger should read it and take it to heart. (I may have cried while reading it. Cried. In a book about blogging.)




Oh, and remember the The Armor of God ebook I told you about? It’s included, too! Along with a Princess ebook from the same blogger, Richele @ Under the Golden Apple Tree!

And how could I forget this little gem?!!

(why yes, that would be my very own ebook, Truth in the Tinsel!)


Now. If you bought JUST the above books, it would cost you $90 or more! In the Ultimate Homemaking eBook Bundle you can get all the books I mentioned plus 82 more! And don’t forget, there are $140 worth of freebies from some really great companies (like Plan To Eat, Redmond and Union 28)!


So, click over to my Ultimate Homemaking eBook Bundle page to see a full list of all the ebooks and freebies, the FAQ, the fine print and then BUY IT. I promise you’ll love ’em. If you’re still unsure, stick around the blog and my Facebook page this week as I’ll be highlighting a few more books I think you’ll love! But don’t wait long, the sale ends on Saturday, May 4th!

Happy eBooking! 


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  1. Thank you for your kind words and a shout-out for my book! You highlighted some great ones I hadn’t looked into much but I will. For anyone in doubt, this really IS a great bundle!

    • Your book is fabulous, Amy!

      ps–I just finished reading Victim of Grace by Robin Jones Gunn and she has a whole chapter about emotional affairs. Thought you might like to read it. 🙂

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