quiet in the midst of motherhood

Everywhere I turn the last few weeks, I see quiet. Not necessarily in my life but encouragement to get quiet. To step back and not just simplify my life–but to seek quiet in my heart, mind and schedule.

I mentioned in my March newsletter (have you signed up for the ohNewsletter?) that I was beginning a Sabbath from my phone and computer on Sundays. Like zero Instagramming, no checking email, no looking at Facebook. Just closed computer and a phone for making…uhm, phone calls.

This is just one step I’ve taken in my life to have a little more quiet. This quiet results in a little more focus, too. Anyway, I wrote a little more about this over at Family Your Way this week, I’d love to hear your thoughts about keeping quiet…


  1. That’s a brave step to forgo the electronics for a Sabbath. Beautiful. Thanks for posting : ) I find my quiet at the beginning of the day…it keeps me sane for the rest of it! : )

  2. We just started the same thing on Sundays this year. It was our goal to make Sundays more of a Sabbath–truly resting and spending time together so no computers or other electronics. The kids were not big fans of it at first but are now getting used to it (after 4 months!) and seeing that they enjoy the time together playing games or just being! And what a difference it has made in our family…Sundays are truly relaxing and full of much more quiet.

  3. So interesting. My husband and I just decided we need to do this on our next day off (Mondays for us) and then this post came along. For us that means no computers or telephones. Seriously looking forward to it!


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