Monthly Mission Celebration {Nickels for Nets}

nickels for nets

My kids have loooooved collecting coins for Nickels for Nets. They’ve faithfully carried their little boxes to gymnastics, church, grandparents and ballet. And when they don’t remember it, they are bummed!

We still have a few more church friends who said, “I’ll bring some next week!” but our total right now is…

{are you ready for this?}

{it’s pretty exciting…}



That’s like 9 nets!

Our goal as 5, so to surpass it is amazing.

It’s been a good lesson for Lydia, especially. Counting up all the coins, trading nickels for dimes, dimes for quarters and sorting into dollars has been a math lesson in itself. But as she counts and sees, “Oh, $32. I could buy an American Girl doll dress with this. Or four kids could have mosquito nets.” it makes her think.

OK. So, here’s the deal. I want to add up how much money/nets we’ve collected this month. Like, WE! Like, all of us! That means you!

So, you’ve got two choices:

1. Post on your blog about your Monthly Mission experience. Then paste the permalink to your post on our Monthly Mission page‘s linky.

{Alternately, if you’re feeling froggy, you could link a photo from Flickr, a pin, instagram or even a tweet. There’s a few examples linked up over on the Monthly Mission page.}

2. Leave a comment that says, “We collected X amount!” or some other exciting thing like that.

I will be updating the total amount on the Monthly Mission page today and tomorrow. So, get your number in!

So, how did your kids like the Monthly Mission?

I’ll be announcing March’s Monthly Mission next Monday! (Yay for M’s!)



  1. That is sooo cool!!! I am the Children’s Pastor at our Nazarene Church and we just got our Squash Malaria Kit from Group Publishing that I ordered. It’s basically the same as what you are doing..collecting $ to buy mosquito nets. My K.I.D.S. (Kids In Discipleship & Service) Ministry is kicking off our mission project this next week. The kids are so excited 🙂 Good luck!!!

  2. I’m the copy editor for K! Magazine, which resources professionals and volunteers in children’s ministry. We’ve recently started a page in each issue called “Compassionate Kids” that spotlights a child or children who have found a unique way to serve others. I’d love to have your Nickels for Nets project as part of the magazine … or any other projects that the children of your readers are doing. Contact me at

  3. You are my inspiration, Amanda. I love this idea! I’m praying about what mission project to take on with my little ones. I’m thinking of maybe collecting baby items for the babies of the Teen Moms that I mentor. They already love going to “help” care for the little babies on Thursday night.

  4. I linked up on the missions page, but collected $40.00! We are so excited to donate those 5 nets!!

  5. Amanda,
    Thank you for inspiring me and my girlies who are 2 and 4. I’ve been praying for an opportunity to teach them to be His hands and feet to those who don’t have what we have, but I wanted it to be something that they could embrace and understand how they are making a difference. They have a definite dislike for bugs, especially the four year old, so she embraced wanting to help children not get bit by bugs. We have made a goal of giving 5 nets for Christmas this year. That’s a tall order for a 2 and 4 year old, but with God all things are possible! I truly believe we will exceed that goal, which will just be evidence to them of how great God is! We just started yesterday and they already have 12 nickels, so they are on their way! I’m going to be sharing with family and friends tomorrow on our blog, so I can’t wait to see what God is going to do!

  6. I have 2 boys ages 6 & 4 and they each “saved/found” enough “of their own” money to buy 1 mosquito net each. We have memorized Prov. 3:24 and pray for the kids who are getting their mosquito nets! Great project…thanks for the info. and inspiration!:)

  7. Steph C says:

    My two boys collected $16. I’m so excited to share the total of all these collections with them, so they can see how their effort was part of an even greater whole. 🙂

  8. I also wrote on another page, but want to make sure you get my count in. I am sorry this is so late. Our little sprouts collected $56.00….that’s 7 nets! We are so excited.

  9. Our family had a great time learning about Sweet Sleep and sharing them with friends. My kids raised $71.40! We look forward to the next one!!

  10. Sara Smith says:

    Sorry we are late to this party. My two sons, nine and six, raised $41.66. They took collection boxes to school and talked to their classes and teachers about Nickels for Nets. So proud of their efforts to buy 5 nets!!

  11. Roberta Fanelli-Davis says:

    Hey There….I work at Sweet Sleep! I just happened to find an AWESOME Nickels for Nets photo from YOU!! I love it! I also love that you are supporting N4N! Thank You so much, so awesome!! I would love to share what you did last year on your blog on our FB page, ( I just shared your photo, hope you don’t mind) 🙂 Thanks so much Amanda for your heart to GIVE. Love that your kids took their boxes to so many places spreading the news far and wide about the needs of children far away to those that may never heard of the need before! Planting seeds beyond what they will ever know! Love it!! Thank You!! please email me at Would love to tell you story!!

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