Armor of God: Breastplate of Righteousness Craft

Thank you for your sweet words and encouragement yesterday. I literally went to bed with a lighter heart than I’ve had in weeks. I’m so pleased that you signed up for the Easter News Blast and am lovin’ that I get to hop into your inbox and share some of my favorite Easter-ish stuff with you.

While I’m in the mood of apologizing for not doing what I said, I thought one more item on my to-do list that hasn’t been done. Our last Breastplate of Righteousness craft. Doh! Lydia actually found this awesome cute craft in an old Clubhouse magazine from 2000. (That’s like 13 years ago. I was like 12 then. KIDDING.)

clubhouse junior cover 2000

Look at that cute vintage Whit! I love Mr. Whittaker.

The problem is that the craft is made from duct tape (one of my favorite mediums) and frozen juice container tops (which we never ever ever buy). So, I keep thinking, “Oh, I’ll find fifty tops of equal size somewhere.” And I don’t. And I keep pushing it off. Lydia even said to me today, “Mommy. We haven’t done the Armor of God in FOREVER.”

armor of god craft from Clubhouse Jr

Seriously, isn’t that a great idea?!

So, if you have frozen juice containers, you can do this one and show it to me. And even though I didn’t do it first and try it out on my own chillin’s you can say, “Look what I found on ohAmanda! That girl is a genius!”. Ahem.

Anywhoo. Stay tuned because I pinky-promise the next installment of the Armor of God is coming up on Monday.

Oooh! Don’t forget! February is almost over which means I want to compile all the money we’ve raised for Nickels for Nets. Add your posts or photos to our main Monthly Mission page!


  1. AHHH!! Perfect! My mom just gave us a whole bunch of juice can lids!! Thanks Amanda!

  2. Lisa Whitehead says:

    You could ask everyone you know to eat their way some pringle packs, they look like the lids of pringles.
    Thanks so much for your email yesterday, it was awesome to see someone realise they couldn’t/shouldn’t do what they say and admit to it, rather than stick it out and be miserable.
    Thanks so much for all the help you already give.

  3. Love it! I always knew those tops were good for something. Mu Kids Church kids will love this. We will be making them at one of monthly Fun Zones. Thank you for sharing.

  4. Could you cut circles out of cardboard and cover them with foil? That would be more work, but easier than collecting all those juice lids or drinking all the juice. 🙂

  5. Thanks Amanda! Love it! What a great idea. So useful to help get the kids interested in learning. Another great resource for this scripture is at Both boys and girls in our church love these.

  6. My pampered chef can opener leaves a clean cut lid. Since we do programs for tons of kids we needed lots of lids so I contacted our local pampered chef rep and she asked her customers to save and donate them to us. What is so great we have collected different sizes, which helped with the little ones. We are also using the donated lids to make sports “medals” to go along with our sports camp themed curriculum.

  7. Sandy Richardson says:

    I love this series! we are learning about the Armor of God in Sunday School, I teach preschool thru kindergarten so your series is great. So many things I found were too old, your series is just right. Thank you so much for sharing!!

    We are going to make this breastplate using canning lids, just the replaceable inner circle. I think it will look great. I will try to send a picture after our class next weekend.

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