Oh Podcasts!

I have a new obsession.


For years, I have loved audiobooks. I love to listen to them in the car, while I’m doing laundry and just whenever I can snag a few minutes.

I always wanted to listen to podcasts but couldn’t ever get up the gumption to figure out how to hook up my iPod on a regular basis to iTunes and sync it and all that nonsense.

But the other day I realized I had a Podcast app on my iPhone and decided to try it out. I asked on Facebook what y’all were listening to and got so many good suggestions. So many that I am literally carrying my phone and headphones around the house so I can listen to podcasts for 10 seconds when I get the chance.

I have to tell you, on one level it feels a little old school. Like I’m listening to the…what’s it called again? Oh, the radio. It’s just people talking. How retro is that? Then it also makes me feel kinda hip because I know what’s going on in all these different worlds and subcultures.

What different subcultures, you ask? Well, how about I introduce you to the first ten podcasts I downloaded. Then you’ll see where my mind travels when I’m supposed to be doing the dishes and being a housewife.


1. Simple Mom with Tsh

Golly, I love Tsh. I’ve never been a regular reader of Simple Mom but I have heard her speak at many conferences and just love her laid-back self. Her podcast is basically just like listening in on a conversation with two friends. It’s fun and easy.

2. Inspired To Action with Kat Lee

Kat is one of my favorite people. She told me her podcast is like a personal mentor session for herself. She interviews bloggers she admires and asks them the questions she wants to know for her own self. I listened to the one with Lisa-Jo (another of my favorite people) this week and laughed and cried all the way through it.

3. Catalyst

This is basically a church leadership podcast. If you’re interested in church work at all, or admire pastors and ministry leaders, I think you’ll like this one. Every single episode I scrolled through was an interview with someone super cool. I listened to the one with Jen Hatmaker and fell in love with her all over again.

4. This is Your Life with Michael Hyatt

Michael Hyatt is so cool. I saw him at Savvy Blogging last year and just left his talks slack-jawed from all the awesomeness. He focuses on leadership…but it’s more than that. Not just leadership as a businessman or a CEO, but leading your family or your ministry and also, your own life. He’s just good.

5. Adventures in Odyssey

Yup. I love Adventures in Odyssey. They talk with the writers, give free episodes and interview the voice actors. I have a life-long dream to be a voice actor, so this is kind of a guilty pleasure for me.

6. Tricia Goyer’s Living Inspired

Holy smokes, I love Tricia Goyer. She’s one of my newest heroes and am so glad God put her in my life as an influence. She’s a mom, writer and just all around amazing person. And she’s BFFs with almost every author that I admire. So, she’s famous.

7. Maximize Your Health with Dr. Josh Axe

OK, I only listened to half of this. But I like Dr. Axe. I have his cookbook and he’s Maximized Living which is the “diet” that my husband and I follow. He talks about healthy food, natural living and exercise.

8. Rob Has a Podcast

Yes. This is a Survivor podcast. By Rob Cestranino, former Survivor contestant. We’ll just leave it at that. I am officially a freak.

9. WDW Radio with Lou Mongello

Do you know anything about the online Disney community? Well, it’s big. And Lou is kind of a celebrity in this Disney-online-town. I only listened to half of the episode (it was about Valentine’s stuff at the parks) but I didn’t get it. I’m going to try again, Kathy, don’t worry!

10. Focus on the Family

I listened to an interview/conversation with Ted Cunningham about his book, Trophy Child. That was some good stuff. I might even write a post about it. I love hearing new insight and resources for parenting and marriage.

And that’s it! I still have about ten more subscriptions on my iPhone, I just haven’t had time to listen yet. Do you podcast? What’s your favorite?

I’ll be linking this up with Top Ten {Tuesday} at Many Little Blessings!


  1. Thanks so much for sharing! I’m downloading some much needed podcasts now.

  2. I can honestly say that I don’t listen to podcasts, except when Mags is listening to Lou (WDWradio) and I kinda have to because she doesn’t use headphones. I asked her which ones you should listen to so you would “get” Lou. We came up with these.
    Show #292
    Show #295
    Show #300

    I’ll have to try some of the other ones.

    Great list! Thanks for sharing!


  3. Wow, a podcast app? I’ll have to see if my hand-me-down iPod has that. I still can’t figure out how to use the thing. I just found Catalyst too and have downloading like crazy… though I’m not sure it’s working! I like Tsh too — only heard one of her podcasts (with Darren Rowse). I’ll have to check out the others.

    Lindsey @ GrowingKidsMinistry.com

    • I mean, seriously. Why had I not looked for a Podcast app before? It’s so super simple. And you can search anything. So, I was searching authors and other pastors/etc. that I like and even if they don’t have a podcast, they may be on someone else’s podcast as a guest. Then I can download just that episode. I love it!!


  4. Podcasts have been what has kept me sane, laughing and learning through parenthood. I have a list of parenting podcasts I love-http://play-activities.com/27-parenting-podcasts-for-the-21st-century-parents/ including my own.
    I love Andy Stanely’s series, Dave Ramsey and a new one Oh how Pinteresting!

  5. I’d add in the Dave Ramsey show podcast, I also like to listen to sermons as podcasts, I’ve got several different ones I listen to.

    Oh, if you like history, The History of Rome is fascinating. There’s 400 something episodes to listen through.

  6. THANK YOU for sharing these! I went through a time that I was getting updates to podcasts years ago but never got around to listen to them, but it just occurred to me that I can listen to them on my commute to work!! I am a ‘talk radio’ listener but I often get irritated that commercials are on EVERY.STATION when I am en route, so this would solve that problem!! Again, thank you!!!

  7. I have only listened to a podcast or two from my computer. No smart phone over here, but I’ll have to see if I can figure out how to upload some to my ancient ipod. Most recently I have enjoyed listening to Hyatt. Seriously inspiring!

    We’ll definitely have to check out the Odyssey podcasts. Chuck Nolte who used to produce Adventures in Odyssey lives down here and works for ADF. They needed a boys voice for a promo piece and we were tickled pink to have Xander participate. I was giddy and acting all weird when I met him as his voice brings back so many childhood memories… lol.

  8. Thank you SO much for sharing about Living Inspired!!! I love podcasts, too, and I’m going to check out some of these other ones!!

  9. Jenny Myers says:

    I’ve been in love with podcasts for ages, so you are in for a good time. Here’s a few more…
    The Kitchen Hour with Megan Francis
    The Splendid Table
    Joy the Baker with Shutterbean
    On Being with Krista Tippett
    The History Chicks
    Manic Mommies
    Naptime Radio
    Sexy Marriage Radio 🙂
    Spilled Milk
    StarTalk Radio by Neil DeGrasse Tyson
    The Table Set
    Travel with Rick Steves

    Keep us updated if you discover anything new, there are so many good choices

    ps Discovered you through Pinterest Truth in the Tinsel, bought it this year! Loved it. Perhaps you’d like to put a little something together for Easter….

  10. I love it that you put the Adventures in Odyssey podcast on here! Thanks for your support!

  11. Thanks for sharing these! I love James MacDonald podcasts. 🙂 http://jamesmacdonald.com/audioitunes/

  12. Love the Podcast App! Manic Mommies, Radio Lab, Geek Wire, God Complex Radio, Confident Mom,Andy Stanley Leadership Podcast, Homebrewed Christianity, TBTL: To Beautiful to Live, various NPR podcasts.

  13. This is going to come as a big surprise to you. The podcasts I have listened to most and love so much are all TV podcasts. I know. Shock. And awe. Or something.

  14. I’m a huge “streaming online bible studies on my iPhone” kinda girl. Usually I listen to Beth Moore, Joyce Meyer or a Focus on the Family broadcast. I love it because I can do it while keeping up with the rest of my busy day. But I have yet to delve into the podcast world. Thank you for sharing this amazing list, Amanda. I’ll be checking these out tomorrow morning.

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