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Monthly Mission Celebration {Nickels for Nets}

My kids have loooooved collecting coins for Nickels for Nets. They’ve faithfully carried their little boxes to gymnastics, church, grandparents and ballet. And when they don’t remember it, they are bummed! We still have a few more church friends who said, “I’ll bring some next week!” but our total right now is… {are you ready […]

How To Be Quiet

I’ve been thinking a lot about quiet. And rest. And being still. Even about what a real Sabbath entails. I started writing my thoughts at Family Your Way but think it’s something I’m still rolling around in my head and my heart. I think constant Instagramming, podcasting, tweeting, driving-to-and-fro, scheduling and schooling has filled my […]

Good News Shoes

Yesterday we added a new piece to our Armor of God. Shoes! I told you Lydia has been asking me about our next armor activity. So, they were uber excited to do this one. We sat down, read the whole passage from Ephesians 6 (with them quoting that first verse) and then I made their […]

Armor of God: Breastplate of Righteousness Craft

Thank you for your sweet words and encouragement yesterday. I literally went to bed with a lighter heart than I’ve had in weeks. I’m so pleased that you signed up for the Easter News Blast and am lovin’ that I get to hop into your inbox and share some of my favorite Easter-ish stuff with […]

Easter News Blast

Ever since I’ve been actively writing and preparing for my Easter ebook, I’ve been feeling sick about it. I can’t really put my finger on why but it’s been a hard write. I alluded to this struggle a couple of weeks ago. A few times I’ve hid from my computer and prayed, “God, either this […]

Upside Down Prayers

Several months ago I got an email from Lisa Tawn Bergren. She is an author. Like an author who I think is famous. I’ve read several of her historical fiction novels (Glamorous Illusions is my fave) and am madly in love with her Young Adult series, River of Time. We became online friends because Mary, […]

Oh Podcasts!

I have a new obsession. Podcasts. For years, I have loved audiobooks. I love to listen to them in the car, while I’m doing laundry and just whenever I can snag a few minutes. I always wanted to listen to podcasts but couldn’t ever get up the gumption to figure out how to hook up […]