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84 Kids and Counting

Our second delivery was to a school. Like many buildings in the Dominican Republic, the rooms are open air. So, walking around the home-turned-school, we could see right into the classrooms. Their little bulletin boards with bumblebee nametags, stacks of notebooks, chalk boards and desks as familiar as any school at home. Of course, all […]

OCC in the DR: Part 1

I slept on my post last night. There’s so many interesting things to tell you about the Dominican, the leadership here with Operation Christmas Child and with the organization a a whole. Our first night here the National Leader of Operation Christmas Child, Fidel spoke to us about the Dominican Republic. We were told he […]

The Dominican Republic & a Shoebox

I’m sitting in a hotel in the Dominican Republic. It’s very surreal. I was just here a few years ago with World Vision. Now, I’m back with Operation Christmas Child to see them deliver their 100 millionth shoebox. Early (too early) this morning, we pulled the kids right out of bed and strapped them in […]

Phil Vischer & Advent Stuff

You know I have a thing for famous people, right? Whether I find them at the grocery store, a blogging conference or literally stalk them–I get a little excited when my heroes (or other people’s heroes, I’m not picky) come to life. When I was at Allume this year I met one of my heroes, […]

Simple Joys

Our tree is up. We let the kids decorate and all the best ornaments are on the bottom third of the tree. I think I’ll leave them there. We have these cute little Mickey and Minnie ornaments that if you pull their tail, their hands and feet move like a jumping jack. It’s a simple […]


You are not even going to believe this: {subscribers click thru to see me in this awesome announcement} That’s right! I’m going to the Dominican Republic with Operation Christmas Child to help deliver the 100 millionth shoebox! And does anyone remember where my World Vision sponsored child is from? That’s right! The Dominican Republic! There […]

5 Things I’d Buy on Black Friday

My inbox is bursting with Black Friday deals. I won’t share every single one with you—it would be easier just to give you the password to my gmail. Instead, I’ll pass along my top 5 favorite things. Stuff you really and truly should own if you want to be my friend. Kidding. But seriously, you’ll […]