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Cirque du Soleil’s Totem

A few days before Christmas, when we should have been Christmas shopping, my husband and I shipped the kids off to the grandparents while we went downtown to see Cirque Du Soleil’s Totem. Ahh, a date night! We ate Ted’s for dinner (bison burger!) and then made our way to Atlanta and the big purple […]

Dear Lydia and Asa,

I felt bad when I went to bed on Christmas Eve. Your presents and stockings were ready for Christmas morning. But I felt like maybe it wasn’t good enough. I felt like maybe we had not done enough. Maybe the whole idea of three-presents wasn’t a great idea. Maybe you’d be disappointed when you walked […]

Better to Give…

This week, we’ve been passing out gifts to Lydia and Asa’s teachers and friends. They’ve had such a fun time giving they’ve even commented that one of their favorite parts of Christmas is giving. This is an attitude I want to cultivate. I’ve purposed that at Christmas we put giving first as a family. Here’s […]

Snow Mountain

We went to Stone Mountain’s Christmas and Snow Mountain a couple of weeks ago and it was so fun! You know I don’t like to slum at non-Disney amusement parks but I was so impressed with how fun and fabulous this event was. We saw two or three really fun Christmas shows, ate yummy food, […]

Setting Women Free

One night after delivering shoeboxes with Operation Christmas Child, we ate dinner at a super cool restaurant that overlooked Christopher Columbus’ house. Someone who worked at the restaurant set up a special meal for us as a gift! Our waiter was dressed like a pirate and I ate snails. Yes, I did. Anyway, as this […]


  When Lydia was one, I bought The Very First Noel movie for her. We had just set up our Christmas tree, our stockings were hung by the chimney with care and I popped the Very First Noel DVD into the player while she ate breakfast. She turned around to me with bright eyes and […]

Warrior Poet

It’s a rainy day here in Atlanta. And post Dominican Republic, it’s exactly what I needed–an excuse to stay inside and listen to Christmas music, drink hot chocolate and play games on Mommy-and-Asa Day. I’ve got another post in the works about the Dominican Republic and Operation Christmas Child. But I need to sit on […]